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David Bowie Was Wrong

Posted: December 22, 2014 in Politics

We all want to be heroes. It’s an urge in us only one step removed from fucking, which is only about one step away from eating, and only an additional stutter step away from our urge to kill. The number of steps between the urge to be a hero and the essential drive to survive as a single celled organism is well within the NBA’s definition of traveling, It has 3 steps to spare if the protozoa in question has amazing court awareness, or a major market hinging on his success.

We want to be heroes. If you’ve learned to ignore or control that drive, that’s terrific, but it’s not not there. It’s a fundamental asset to our nature and denying its existence does a disservice to your understanding of how you behave. Acknowledging a desire is not succumbing to it, and knowledge of who pressures effect you provides insight into how to handle future situations better. Too many people deny their natures. I won’t. I wish I was the only man on the planet. I wish I was fucking every girl. I wish I was a giant bullfrog who fucked or ate everything it ever encountered in its existence. I wish I was a giant cave monkey who smashed you other lesser monkeys’ heads and babies against the rocks while your cave monkey women lined up for my seed. I do not want to or chose to behave that way… but I do, somewhere deep inside of me, have that desire.

I can’t meet that desire reasonably, but it influences my actions, at least indirectly. We, as monkeys, or cavemen if you won’t allow for that, learned to live together, and now need to, so some of our drives adapt like mighty rivers through the periods and eras of Earth’s Crust’s development. Our generations of living together has altered that drive into something I identify as nobler, but still problematic if not understood. We look for acceptance and admiration from our fellow indigestible primates as a viable means to secure our survival. We’ve agreed, for the most part, that a lot of us ought to survive. There are few better ways to make certain you’ll make it, than by getting all of us to agree you need to. Being a hero secures that. I hope most of us have progressed in manors, both for my benefit and yours, enough to know that hero is subjective, and “hopefully” altered some since the times of rewarding ballsiest monkey or loudest screamer with head of the group… but sometimes I wonder.

I mention this, because of the murders in NY this week. It’s not okay, and it’s because of Hero Worship, and misrepresenting our values. I’m blaming society, and admitting that I’m part of society, and as such, it’s my fault. I like fighting too much. I perpetuate it and foster it and love it in ways that have sunk into my eyes and stained straight through to the back of my head. I’ve glutted on violence and macho expectations for so many years I can no longer discern the flavors from comedy and even romance. I think that needs to change. I think it can start by saying hero less. (unless it’s sarcastically to prove a point, which I refuse to give up with fiery determination.)

America has fallen into a glossy world of self-promotion where it promotes itself, or rather, the folks who foster its ideals the loudest, as heroes, and forces the notion into everyone’s view so much that it becomes inescapable. U.S. Troops are referred to as heroes so often that not referring to them as such becomes almost insulting, like not referring to a king as “your grace.” “You’re Majesty” is not a good analogue here, because majesty is official… but grace? Grace is a trait one has, and having it prescribed as your address implies to much. A leader can and should most certainly be gracious, but I hope there’s still enough anti-monarchy sentiment left in our American DNA to readily identify that a lineage connected to the throne does not guarantee graciousness. That glossy world, is unsustainable, and I think it’s starting to stain.

Our constant reiteration of “hero” cheapens the term, and uglies up the discourse. If all troops are heroes, and some troops are rapists, then some heroes are rapists. That is tacitly untrue, by my definition of hero. But if I was to open this sentence with, “not all troops are heroes,” I’m being horribly antagonistic. Apply the same to cops. We can all agree, some cops are bad. There are crooked hateful cops. There are crooked hateful writers. There have been crooked hateful popes. If we’re not allowed to discuss that, it allows for brutal manipulation by those in positions of power.

There’s an easy saying; “one man’s freedom fighter is another’s terrorist.” I’m willing to say I always believe in Freedom over Terror. I think few characters prefer to look at themselves as villainous, and those that do tend to only after being forcibly ostracized from society. And, even in those circles, there tends to be a similar hierarchy that establishes itself with loyalty inside that small group. It’s the reason people in prison murder child molesters. It’s the reason people who go through horrible ordeals are often so intimately linked. I am pushed to believing that people Want to be good. Regardless of their capacity, and by placing people Necessary to maintaining order in positions of idolization… you’re putting them in positions to be criticized, and worse, hated.

If a side you see as opposed to you, in this very simplified version let’s use dubiously punctuated “Law and Order” as that side, is treated as an ideal, then you begin to see yourself as something oppositional to the ideal. You’ll internalize that conflict, and you’ll fight it. In an increasingly dichotic America, in a culture where even news is divided, you’re courting conflict.

That asshole that shot two cops in Brooklyn wanted to be a hero. He wanted to spark a revolution he saw as glorious. Because, “heroes” fight and murder and solve conflicts with guns. And he, as an angry, and probably stupid person, acted on it. He wasn’t. Clearly, but he could paint himself as that, because he was delusional, about both what he was, and how points are made. But, I think all of us could stand to be smarter, and choose our words. And how we behave.

Maybe all of us, myself included, should tone down violence in all forms.

I don’t know how to do that either, but saying words we mean instead of words we’ve heard, or we know will get reactions is a way to start.



Posted: December 21, 2014 in Politics

I don’t think North Korea did it. I’m starting to believe in monsters and shadows and 9 people sitting around a table making all the decisions in the world. I know little about North Korea, except they don’t have any lights on when we take pictures from space, and their ex-leader was really good at golf. I don’t know how North Korea broke into the Sony and ruined movies. I couldn’t have done that. And I have the internet.

I’m scared of the America I live in, and I’m scared of everywhere else. But I don’t think North Korea did it, and I don’t think it’s just a publicity stunt. I think somebody crazy and “in charge” has been saving up RISK cards, and finally has to turn them in and it’s going to change things. I want to see how Fox News balances its Hatred for Foreigners with its Hatred for Hollywood.

The verbage surrounding this is scaring me. They keep saying “attack,” and pointing to North Korea, a place that, well, for lack of a better term, “has it coming.” America’s current era of “Bully Politik” is essentially okay with nation building and “fixing” fucked up places  where smart people like Americans don’t live. Places like Afghanistan and Iraq, which seem to be doing well. It’s not a similar approach, it’s the same approach. Years of “this place is awful,” unrelated attack, misplaced retribution.

I’ve never been a conspiracy guy. I don’t think people are that organized and can’t keep secrets. But now I realize that’s not the operation. It doesn’t have to be a conspiracy, it’s just how the machine goes, and some folks must have access to that button. I do not know why, but I’m excited about this next war. Maybe this will be “a good one,” we can all get behind, like when we stopped the fascists.

We’re at war right now. Right? We’re definitely dropping bombs and, I think, airplanes on people. Maybe soldiers are going out. I don’t know. I know if I complain about in any way I get dismissed, and if I don’t get excited about soldiers in any capacity I’m being controversial or blasphemous. But it’s starting to bleed into civilian life.

Our cops dress up like bad guys from Japanese cartoons about bad government with equipment we have from spending money on wars. We’ve gotten so used to cheering for tanks, and masks, and heroes, that we kind of just cheer when we see them. It’s got to be badguys they’re hitting, that’s who goodguys hit, but color schemes can only hide functional design so much. Clubs are meant to hit heads of people who don’t have clubs.

As a child my dad would predict, “The next big war won’t be between nations, it’ll be between McDonald’s and Chevy and stuff like that.” He wasn’t exactly right, but… attacking our movies and freedom and stuff I’m not willing to identify correctly but vaguely know are important to me… fuck that, I’ll kill some folks in an area people want to take over.

So… I don’t think North Korea did it… I think it was someone closer to “in charge” than North Korea. I hope it’s a Lizard Person.

Like Goddamned Columbus

Posted: December 11, 2014 in Politics

Dear Actors, Politicians, and Billionaires,

I realize you want to be president, and that’s cool, I think you can do it. People seem to hate the guy doing it now, which is weird, the last guy was fucking terrible. I’m not really sure what the president has to do, but I’m pretty sure it has to do with getting elected. In fact, I think it might be mostly that, and I think I can help.

Back The Space Program. Back it hard. America doesn’t believe in anything, and it’s at least partially your fault. Bush 2 set a creepy precedent of only governing for those that elected him, and, though I’m not certain it’s being done by Obama, the system’s in place to perpetuate that narrative, and it’ll work for a long time. This notion of “us” and “them” isn’t going anywhere. People will decide what camp they’re in and effectively stay there while they lie about being in the middle, then they’ll blame the guy in charge for all the problems, and people’s inability to work together as the cause, meanwhile reinforcing the bad behaviors on their end. They don’t try to get people on board, they just try to get people already on their side to rock the boat harder. This system’s Great for politicians. It makes their job seem important. Democrats can say “You need us to undo all this horseshit the pro-war bullshit the Republicans backed,” and Republicans can say, “You need us to stop that guy in the White House who doesn’t care about you guys, real Americans.” Whoever’s side is more upset will win, but it’ll be incrementally edged up every election. Nobody’s ever going to run on the platform of “Give Me Less Power,” and follow through on it.

So, my advice is this: Space. I’ve given up on believing in anybody. I like Obama, but if I listen to my friends back home, he’s a Nazi-Muslim and actually hates my family. That’s not fair, but people sure hate him, and I’m not thrilled. I hate it that we’re a nation still at war. I hate it that we’re a nation where the wealthiest are continually getting wealthier and I hate it that any change in our society seems to need to come from our federal government. I understand the appeal of a smaller government. It’s never going to happen. Politics is a business. It always has been, but it’s reaching levels that need to be addressed. And I think it’s bloated to the fact that an outside candidate could win now, if they pushed the right cause to champion. Like getting off the planet.

I’ve given up on politicians making this world better, and I’m willing to get excited about the next one. The Republicans are more than happy to cash in on this behavior with people slightly dumber than I, and I hope they’ll adapt it to my reading level too. I don’t think the dems are above it either, they like slogans and ideas as much as anyone. I’m willing, in today’s political environment, to become a one issue voter. I’ve realized everybody IS on the same team, or rather, players of the same game. And if I’m going to hate… I know that’s where my focus should be (remember what I said about slogans?) So, if a politician can sincerely convince me that his goal is to get some of us, “Americans” to live on another planet. I’ll support him. I’ll even let it make me stupid. I’ll hate gay marriage, if it doesn’t work in Space, I’ll give up my guns, if it slows us down getting into orbit. This is something I can believe in. I’m not scared, something I feel the Republicans are always pushing on us, and I’m not angry, something I think the Democrats push. I’m probably underinformed and lazy, something that both parties suffer from, but I’m willing to be more attentive, and maybe even willing to work for something important: Like Space.

So, Actors, Politicians, and Billionaires, give us something to excited about, because this place is boring, but we’ve got great ideas.


Posted: December 3, 2014 in Politics

Few things bother me more than the phrase “acting white.” I’ve always found it uncomfortable and stupid. Even as a young kid with no friends of color, I knew too many white folks to think “acting white” could be anything good. I’ve heard a lot of young black hipsters say it recently and I always cringe. It’s super dismissive of a whole lot of poor white trash.

The whitest place I’ve ever been is Maine, but the other than Maine, every super white place I’ve been in is terrible and poor and full of oxycontin. So I’ve the term’s not just racist, it’s flawed.

As a means to get around it, I used to describe things as “Huxtable Black.” It’s still inaccurate and probably offensive, but I used it. It meant succeeding, it meant taking care of your family, it meant being educated. None of those things are necessarily white, (ever been to rural Kentucky?) but everybody knew what it meant. Now, in light of the the terrible allegations against Cosby, I’ll need to change it. However, I do now think, that Huxtable Black, is really really white.

Cosby’s criticism of Black Culture and Black youth was always awkward for me, especially when I’d hear it parroted by my uncles or other old white men. I never had outrage, just critical eye roll. I hate it when people think they know enough about things, and hide behind people agreeing with them as evidence they’re right. I also hate it when people think they’re good people because they’re well off. I’m not a big fan of believing in “right” behavior. Manners are not the same thing as values.

I hope Cosby didn’t do it, of course, but I’m pretty sure he did. I don’t trust people who over-value manners. That could just be read as “I don’t trust old people,” but it wouldn’t be right. I think that it’s just a linking variable. I trust Lewis Black, or Carlin or anybody who stays angry at society’s inability to change. I don’t trust people who don’t curse, or at least, people who make not cursing a soapbox. I think it speaks to a moral vacancy. People too absorbed with what is surface level politeness tend to miss the underlying concept. I don’t trust doctors who are afraid of blood. People who prohibit behaviors are hiding something. They want you to be uncomfortable and conform to their normal, because it will keep you too busy to notice their failings.

People upset at today’s youth for not having to conform to the same nonsense they did are harboring a resentment for that nonsense, and an inability to admit they didn’t like it. They’re the people holding on to values they know are dying. They appeal to an authority that is nonexistent, and when it doesn’t answer, they try to make themselves that authority. I hate it. And I’m sorry another example of it’s shortcoming is going to hurt so so many fans. I’m also mad it ruined my term I thought was so enlightened. It is funny though.

Yelling about black kids sagging pants and villainizing poor folks for not adopting your standards, and then perpetrating terrible terrible acts on people less powerful than you, is arguably the best example of “acting white” I can think of. God Damn It Cosby!

Class Clown Warfare

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Politics

I feel like the world’s been bitchy the last few weeks. Maybe it’s just transference; I feel bitchy, so I see it in everybody else… or maybe I even seek out bitchy to validate my bitchiness… but regardless of the cause… I’ve certainly felt surrounded by it the last few weeks.

I’m blaming it on the election.

I’m blaming it on Republicans and Democrats. But, mostly Republicans.

I think election years are essentially America getting its period. We’re all edgy and contentious. We continually bring up things that happened years ago, and our arguments don’t really have to make sense. Also, we look fat.

Election years are tough, because, if polling is right, we’re about 50/50. Which means, if two folks are next two you on the train, you hate one of them. Or at least think you’re smarter than him. Or question his patriotism.

I’m probably affected less than most. I already dislike most of you fascists.

This election holds little importance to me. Regardless of what Obama and Romney, or CNN and Fox say, this isn’t; “THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION ANYBODY’S EVER MADE ABOUT ANYTHING!” or “THE CLEAREST CHOICE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL THE UNIVERSE HAS EVER FACED!” I feel tired, and frankly, manipulated. I’m am disheartened that elections have devolved into superbowl advertising. And I don’t trust anyting.

I laugh at the notion of Mitt Romney being billed as a self made man. If my buddy took over her mom’s bakery, I wouldn’t say she was a trailblazer. And if my dad ran for president before I did, I’d mostly call myself unimaginative.

But I don’t hate Romney. I don’t. I think he’s milquetoast, but there are worse things. Truth is, I’m still kind of in a warm “he’s not Bush” afterglow.

Anybody who wants to argue “Obama’s the worst” can fuck right off. I’m fine with hating the president. I really am. He’s done a lot of things that some people don’t care for, but when somebody states “he’s the worst.” I’m done listening.

That was the last guy.

You’re a pest.

You’ve probably never been so angry twenty times this week, and whatever Hollywood movie had the biggest budget this summer was the greatest movie ever made.

Romney’s shifting stances are hard to deal with. He slipped from reasonable to idealogue. and that frightens me; Pro-choice to fetuses for Jesus, and sensibly addressing gun control to “out of my cold dead hands” posturing… but I understand… he REALLY wants to be president. If not… he’s nothing but a billionaire father of 30 with great hair destined to get his own planet in the afterlife. Who could be happy with that?

I won’t pretend for a second that I’m impartial. I’m not. I’ll be voting democrat. I’ll probably be voting democrat for the rest of my life. Probably. Until something better comes along. I’m scared of Republicans. I remember in 2000 everyone kept telling us how Bush and Gore were the same guy. Rage Against the Machine even made that snarky video where they amalgamated the two. Then we got Bush… and he showed us what a Republican really was. A pro-stupid war machine that thought books and compromise were for faggots, who, by the way, ought not be faggots on my watch.

I don’t think Romney’s him… but… I think he could be. Or at least… I’m afraid he could be. The Republicans didn’t do themselves any favors throwing up Palin as a candidate last time around. I don’t buy that vision of America. I don’t want it. I don’t think he does either, but he might have to dance with every suitor who brought him to the ball. And a lot of those will be line-dances.

Paul Ryan frightens me. I don’t think he’s dumb… I think he just believes in free markets the way I believe education and discussion will solve all of our problems. I know I’m wrong… but I still believe it. So much so that it influences me to say and do things based on principle, not reason. (Ayn Rand would vomit… on an orphan.) I think Right Wingers have a romantic notion that heads of industry are enlightened world bearers that will bring us into a golden age. A golden age that, I’m afraid, only exists in thier incorrect assessment of the past. The fact is, I think it’s always been terrible, and we’ve always been dumb, and working with the problems we have now, using the knowledge we’ve learned from the past is our only option… not holding onto outmoded beliefs.

I don’t think Obama does that spectacularly well… but better. At least he’s consistant when it comes to saying it’s going to be tough… not just encouraging us to trust him.

Officially, I’m disappointed. I hate his refusal to slow down the American War Machine. (We’ve been at war about 40% of my life… and I’m getting old.) It’s hard to feel like America is some shining beacon of hope and opportunity, when we can’t seem to quit killing strangers.

I don’t think poor people want us to spend our money killing strangers… they might want to do it… but that’s just because it’s a reliable job, and a surefire way to make sure you belong in the 1%’s America. The wealthiest americans benefit from expansionist endeavors… and… well… if it’s your idea… you pay for it.

Mike Huckabee told me last week that the top 5% of Americans pay 57% of ALL the taxes and expected me to be outraged. I’m not. They have at least 57% of the say in what we do. You want that influence? Pay for it. The rich in this country are getting richer… and it isn’t helping us. I don’t know what “letting them keep their money” will do to improve that.

I won’t rail against them though… I don’t hate the rich. I hate the folks who think they ought to be in charge.

That being said… I don’t think Obama’s government’s terrific. I hate the idea of more government. I spent a weekend interacting with government employees… and they’re the pits. Folks so emotionally detached from their job they literally seem to want it to not work. They seem to delight in a “bad day at the office.” I’m nervouse for America… but I don’t think that’s new. We’ve been here before, and we’ll be alright. We’re Goddamned Americans right?

I think all we really need to do… is quit voting for handsome guys. Quit electing candidates who are attractive or “look political”. It’s a fundamental failure in reasoning to think a handsome person’s going to fix something. Don’t look for handsome people to institute change, the system works for them. Do you think Romney understands real hardship? The tall handsome independently wealthy guy? I don’t. At least Obama’s black… so folks in the south think he’s a criminal. And midwesterners assume he grew up poor. That had to be bothersome… but I’ll bet he could still charm his way out of most of those encounters.

I don’t know what America really needs right now. But I think we can agree a revolutionary isn’t going to be prom king. The only handsome revolutionary I can think of is Che, and he never bathed… so that explains that one.

It’s voting time America. And you should probably go out and try to be heard. If nothing else, to feel better about yourself. I’ll vote for my guy. I won’t, “Hold my nose and vote.” I’ll “Cross my fingers and vote.” Hope for meaningful change that probably won’t come. Maybe next time we’ll be lucky enough to get an ug-o.

4th and Long, best to Pundit

Posted: October 31, 2010 in Politics

I love The Daily Show. Great show. But it ain’t the news; it’s something I watch to entertain myself. Today, I went to the Rally to Restore Sanity. Jon Stewart’s a brilliant comic and a terrific speaker. He’s also a pretty bright guy.

I love it that he scares liars. When Tucker Carlson (a fake newsman) bitches that Jon Stewart’s dishonest because he’s “not a newsman,” I laugh at that angry bowtied douche. Jon consistently admits his position is entertainer. It’s kind of his entire point. Sort of his thesis. “This is fake News.”

I don’t think Tucker gets it.

I’ll Tucker Carlson is the kind of guy who gets angry at strippers, because they trick him.

Tucker-“See that stripper? She wants me.”

No, Tucker, she’s a stripper, that’s her job.

Tucker-“What do you mean? Look at her shake her titties at me.”

Yeah, but that’s what strippers do.

Tucker-“No. She was shaking her titties at ME. Why would she do that if she wasn’t trying to fuck me?”

That’s her job. She’s dancing for money. She clearly told you she wasn’t going to have sex with you.

Tucker-“She did not! She was all trying to fuck me, and shaking her titties.”

No, look at that sign. It says right there: “No Touching”. You can’t sleep with a girl you can’t touch.

Tucker-“She’s gonna fuck me so good.”

Can you hear me? There’s no–

Tucker (now angry)-“But she’s dancing all sexy like she’s trying to fuck me!”

TUCKER! That’s her JOB! She told you she was JUST dancing. She’s not willing or trying to sleep with you.

Tucker (crying a little)-“I think she’s trying to fuck me.”

Guys like Carlson or O’Reilly’s opinions are fine, so long as you realize it’s just that. Opinions. Not news.

Fox News claims to be presenting an equal and unrepresented position to mainstream America Media. They do not. They present feelings and emotions. The slogan “We Report, You Decide” illustrates that this IS NOT news. You can’t decide news. That’s bullshit fake media.

Fake media just like Jon Stewart’s Daily Show. A show that is 50% dick jokes. God, I love those dick jokes. At least they’re funny.

As I said in my last post, the issue of building a mosque at Ground Zero is incredibly upsetting to me. Not because I care about the mosque, but because I hate the religious right trying to pretend we all believe they way they do or that they’re in charge.

I don’t. And they’re not.

I’m not “less American” because I don’t believe the same nonsense that they do. And neither are Muslims.

And fuck you for making me stick up for Islam. Islam sucks.

But that isn’t valid reason to prevent this mosque from being built. Some Americans are Muslims. And I love Muslim Americans exactly the same amount as I love any other Idiot American. Just enough to leave them alone.

This isn’t about the war on terror. It’s about you just not liking Islam. Muslims in Manhattan aren’t terrorists. In fact, I’d say the 3 -5% of N.Y. that is Muslim is probably our best defense against Islamic Terrorists. Remember a few months ago when those goofy militiamen in the Midwest wanted to kill a cop, then, kill all the cops at that cop’s funeral?

You know who turned them in?

Less crazy militiamen.

Guys who might hate our government and want to change it, but they still feel connected to it enough to not kill innocent people in their quest. The Muslims in Manhattan are our allies in the same way. They’re “us.” Maybe a different “us” than your social circle, but still “us.”

If you aren’t willing to accept people who want to become part of our mainstream culture, you’re just saying you don’t like what they believe. You don’t want Islam to be part of America because you see it as a threat to your beliefs.

That’s stupid.

People having different beliefs don’t change or dilute yours. Allowing people to believe something is a sign of strength. It shows that your beliefs are strong enough to not be shaken by the fact that others don’t agree with you. You’re just justifying the dickheads who want to push America into war. Dickheads on both sides.

Stupid people love war. That’s because they’re good at it. Idiots are great at getting shot. It gives them purpose. Stupid people rely on groups to give them their identity. And few groups are more willing to accept members than religions.

The Middle East is an angry war-minded area full of angry war-minded states. Some governments or organizations in charge of those states have co-opted religion into their military designs. That’s gross, but it can happen with any religion. Even Buddhists. Buddhist created Kung-Fu. You don’t get really good at hitting people in the face to NOT hit people in the face. Atheists too. Stalin’s atheists killed as many people as Hitler’s Catholics. It’s something we have to make sure Can’t happen in America.

The Republican Party’s simultaneous push for Christian Values and Military Spending is unsettling. But I won’t say that it is the same thing, because it isn’t. At least not yet.

I know not every religious person is stupid, but I do think that stupid people are the “best” at being religious. It’s easy not to question things when you don’t understand stuff. It’s important that intelligent believers don’t let their fears or distaste for other faiths overpower their values. Fear and Hate aren’t values.

People used to not want the Catholics in America for similar reasons that they don’t want Muslims now. They didn’t like a group of people with different beliefs and loyalties. They didn’t trust them. I still kind of don’t, but I wouldn’t question their right to be here.

And guess what. When I mock their beliefs,

those stupid ass Papists have to take it.

I hate Islam the same way. I think anybody who can support a religion where some members kill people for making fun of its prophet is an idiot. That’s a hateful and stupid belief system. But if they live here, I can make fun of them. That’s my favorite thing to do. Making fun of idiots who believe in Magic. That is part of my core beliefs.

I think it keeps us honest.

Attacking the religion isn’t the answer. We don’t fight for “our” way of life by disallowing different beliefs. We do it by remaining smart and fair, even when we don’t like it.

We do it by living by our principles, not by our habits.

We do it by Being good, not by just believing we are.

I do not agree with Islam. But I’m not going to be afraid of it.

Islam will never overtake America. Ever.

We love our freedom too much.

And I won’t let our freedom be jeopardized: Not by Them. Not by You. And Not by Us.

When we start acting stupid and hateful, we’d better look around and re-evaluate who “We” are. I’m a God-Damn American. I’m strong and I’m smart and I’m good looking. And I belong Anywhere. Not just where people feel and look like me.