Game Of Thrones Murder Pool

Posted: February 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

Who do you think will kill Little Finger? I think it will be Arya. I think she’ll sneak up with a false face on and stab him in the heart. He won’t even know it was her. He’ll die scared and confused, as she silently slips away into the blackness. It’ll be brilliant. Sansa’s probably a better guess. Want to put a little money on it?

Want to bet a whole bunch of times? Me too. A Lot of people are going to die on this show, and a lot of people are going to kill them. Let’s guess who. I’m making A Game Of Thrones Murder Pool. I wish it had a better name as well.

Here are the rules if you want to play:

1. A bunch of us are going to get together and make at least five picks for who we think will die on the show, and who we think will kill them. A pick will read like this: I believe that Stannis will kill Cersei.

2. Bets are 5 dollars, always 5 dollars.

3. We’ll take turns picking like a fantasy football league. Once I have the numbers, I’ll put people in order and we’ll choose. We will snake around, so last pick will have the first pick of the second round and so on.

4. There are no repeats. If I pick Stannis to kill Cersei, nobody else may pick Stannis to kill Cersei. They can pick anyone else to kill Cersei or Stannis to kill other people, but not Stannis to kill Cersei. If she never dies, or nobody picks who does it, no bets are paid.

5. I’m making myself Commissioner of the League

6. You only pay for bets you make. If someone bet Bran kills Hodor (Why would he do that!) and somebody else kills Hodor, then that person would owe whoever picked correctly. If you made no bet on Hodor’s death, you owe nobody.

7. You only get paid if somebody bets against you. If Bran does kill Hodor, and no one picked another killer, that terrific guess gets nothing. (the minimum number of 5 bets should help to prevent this.)

8. I’m renaming the “Commissioner” position “Lord Regent.”

9. If a murder takes place by conspiracy, people who picked members of the conspiracy will split the winnings.

10. Should something be ruled inaccurate or expanded on in later works, I trust players will settle disputes like gentlemen. No dueling. Split pots or a firm handshake will be accepted. Taking wards seems excessive.

11. We will defer to the Television show as cannon, this makes the most sense, especially since the show will now finish first. In cases of direct discrepancy or characters not present in one version, a split pot can be awarded. This will be left up to the Lord Regent. There are few deaths of importance in the books not yet addressed on the show. The conflict here should be minimal.

12. Players may choose death by group if the group does not possess characters who could stand alone as guesses, i.e. The White Walkers, or The Brave Companions is a viable selection. The Kings’ Guard is not.

13. The Lord Regent needs you to make up House Names.

14. Players cannot pick Gods or abstract ideas, but may pick Dragons, Direwolves or “self” if one believes suicide or errors will end a character.

15. You should probably make Sigils too.

16. Dragons, Wolves, or monsters under orders or possession will be treated as conspirators. Agents under orders will as well.

17. The Lord Regent’s Sigil will be a Monkey With A Hammer

I hope you guys are into this. Let’s get organized before The Season Premier.

DJ Madmonkey
Lord Regent
First of His Name


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