15 Stupid Things I’m Stupid Thankful For (Stupid 5 or Stupid 5)

Posted: December 24, 2014 in Comedy Journal

1. Sugar – I love everything she’s been in: Cakes, Cotton Candy, poured over Def Leopard, she’s even good in Corn Syrup. I was talking to nerds about Game of Thrones and somebody asked where I’d want to live. The answer is nowhere. I live in the wealthiest kingdom in Westeros, no king, or septa, or poorly portrayed wizard under a tree which was total bullshit and nowhere near as cool as it was in the book, has ever had Ben & Jerry’s ice cream on top of a pop-tart. Which I’ve done. A lot. Suck it Ned.

2. Hulu and Netflix not having music play on their load screens – This seems specific, but 15’s a Lot of stuff to like when you’re a grouch ass, and Hulu and Netflix just fucking crushed that. There’s no reason to think they wouldn’t have little loop or song or place to sell ads bullshit, but they don’t, they just have a polite quite screen showing off what it can do. It’s perfect like a turtle shell. A few thousand years from now the sentient robots the run the world will look at Hulu as a mark of intelligent design. Stupid fundamentalist future robot overlords.

3. Mankind’s inherent love and beauty and all that jazz.


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