Posted: December 21, 2014 in Politics

I don’t think North Korea did it. I’m starting to believe in monsters and shadows and 9 people sitting around a table making all the decisions in the world. I know little about North Korea, except they don’t have any lights on when we take pictures from space, and their ex-leader was really good at golf. I don’t know how North Korea broke into the Sony and ruined movies. I couldn’t have done that. And I have the internet.

I’m scared of the America I live in, and I’m scared of everywhere else. But I don’t think North Korea did it, and I don’t think it’s just a publicity stunt. I think somebody crazy and “in charge” has been saving up RISK cards, and finally has to turn them in and it’s going to change things. I want to see how Fox News balances its Hatred for Foreigners with its Hatred for Hollywood.

The verbage surrounding this is scaring me. They keep saying “attack,” and pointing to North Korea, a place that, well, for lack of a better term, “has it coming.” America’s current era of “Bully Politik” is essentially okay with nation building and “fixing” fucked up places  where smart people like Americans don’t live. Places like Afghanistan and Iraq, which seem to be doing well. It’s not a similar approach, it’s the same approach. Years of “this place is awful,” unrelated attack, misplaced retribution.

I’ve never been a conspiracy guy. I don’t think people are that organized and can’t keep secrets. But now I realize that’s not the operation. It doesn’t have to be a conspiracy, it’s just how the machine goes, and some folks must have access to that button. I do not know why, but I’m excited about this next war. Maybe this will be “a good one,” we can all get behind, like when we stopped the fascists.

We’re at war right now. Right? We’re definitely dropping bombs and, I think, airplanes on people. Maybe soldiers are going out. I don’t know. I know if I complain about in any way I get dismissed, and if I don’t get excited about soldiers in any capacity I’m being controversial or blasphemous. But it’s starting to bleed into civilian life.

Our cops dress up like bad guys from Japanese cartoons about bad government with equipment we have from spending money on wars. We’ve gotten so used to cheering for tanks, and masks, and heroes, that we kind of just cheer when we see them. It’s got to be badguys they’re hitting, that’s who goodguys hit, but color schemes can only hide functional design so much. Clubs are meant to hit heads of people who don’t have clubs.

As a child my dad would predict, “The next big war won’t be between nations, it’ll be between McDonald’s and Chevy and stuff like that.” He wasn’t exactly right, but… attacking our movies and freedom and stuff I’m not willing to identify correctly but vaguely know are important to me… fuck that, I’ll kill some folks in an area people want to take over.

So… I don’t think North Korea did it… I think it was someone closer to “in charge” than North Korea. I hope it’s a Lizard Person.


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