Broken Sexy – Final Draft

Posted: December 19, 2014 in Fiction

Bellyflop was married, and Bronco had never slept with a married girl before. He thought he’d be excited, but he wasn’t. He couldn’t think about it all. When he tried to he just zoned out and shut down. She had told him she wasn’t getting laid either, and somehow that made it okay. He hadn’t been with anybody in so long, that sex sounded like a rescue. She had to be as miserable as he was.

He’d dated her in high school. He’d been in love with her. Back when she was Jesse and he was Brandon. That made it okay too he thought, having slept with her before, or at least, it made it more her fault, and that was okay.

He wasn’t going to screw this up. He got there early and checked into the hotel. He had a suitcase full of stuffed animals: a couple of bears and a giraffe that was really cute, three stuffed turtles and and octopus that kind of went together, a kangaroo, a narwhal, and a snowy owl he really liked. Nothing was too realistic, and everything was very soft and clean and bright. He was paying too much for it, but he’d been living at his parents’ house for months, and he deserved this. He’d been working, a lot, and he wasn’t drinking anymore, and barely even doing drugs. He was chain smoking cigarettes, but he couldn’t do that this weekend. She would hate it, and would like making him stop. She’d get that weird possessive hot she got when she was listened to. She knew he smoked, he put it on his profile: Male, Hippo, Newbie, Smoker, Looking to hook up. It hadn’t stopped her from messaging him.

He’d only had the profile for a week or two. He put on a couple of quotes from cartoons that weren’t hip anymore, and photos of himself in costume. There were a couple from the convention he went to, and a ton he’d taken of himself. He wished he’d had more from the convention, they showed off the size of his big rubber butt better, big and blue and terrific. He’d only gone to one convention, and had left before anything sexy had started. He worried the convention photos might scare people off, but they didn’t. He was still learning the loops and behaviors of this culture. It shocked him when she texted him. “Hey, Brandon?” He didn’t even try to stay in character. “Hey, Jesse?” He asked. “It’s Bellyflop. You’re supposed to know that.”

“Yeah” he said, “Sorry, just, never thought I’d see you on here.” Then they’d talked for like 2 hours. They talked about their Avies and where they had gone to in them. She’d been around way more, and had pics from all over up on the site. He went through them while they talked. She looked great. Then they started talking about sex. Then he couldn’t quit talking.

They were going to meet up. He’d convinced himself he was okay with whatever happened. They could fuck in suit, or out of suit. He’d even be okay if they didn’t. He’d be kind of bummed if they didn’t do some suit stuff. He’d be fine just jerking off in suit while she danced and rubbed or whatever. But even if that didn’t happen, he’d stay cool. He wasn’t going to expect anything, just to be safe.

He set up the stuffed animals. He arranged them in friendly organic circles. He wanted it to look like they were mingling. This wasn’t about organization after all, this was fun. He bought some wine, and had a little bit of marijuana. There was vodka in the minibar. He laid out his suit and waited.

She sent him a text. She was 5 minutes away. He brushed his teeth, combed the tuft of hair on his suit, and started downstairs. When he got to the lobby she looked tired and sweaty and perfect. A few stray strands of raven hair wrestled out from behind her sunglasses in dramatic bolts. She lugged a big suitcase on wheels behind her. “I’ll grab that,” he said, and ran from the elevator to the door.

“I thought you’d be in costume.” She said.

He felt like an idiot. He’d known he should have, but he was embarrassed. And, he was pretty sure she’d chicken out, and how ridiculous would that have been? A lonely hippo in a hotel lobby with a sagging bouquet of flowers and a sagging erection.

“No,” he said firmly, trying to convey confidence,”I, wasn’t sure if you’d need help getting anything.” “Sure” she said, and handed him a surprisingly heavy duffel bag. She looked messy, but great. She had always been very pretty. He hadn’t talked to her since college in person. He’d send an e-mail on birthdays and stuff, let her know he hoped she was doing okay. He’d lie and say he was super excited about something going on in his life. Being busy was like being interesting.

He carried her stuff up to the room where he tried to hug her. She gave him one like you’d give an uncle, or a person at church.

“I never Imagined I’d hear from you,” Bronco said. “Yeah, I was surprised to see you too,” she smiled. “Did you bring any wine?” “I did, I got some vodka and stuff to mix it with too,” he added, “I’ve even got a little weed.”

“I can’t do that anymore, I’m a teacher.” She said. “We get tested all the time.” He wasn’t sure that was true.

“You look great,” he offered nervously. “Ugh, whatever,” she said, “but, thanks I guess, you look good too.” He did. He had lost a lot of weight. His skin wasn’t great, but it was better, and he’d started wearing his hair short. It might not be fantastic, but it at least looked cleaner.

“So… do you want to costume?” he asked trying to steam any waver from his voice. He didn’t want to watch TV. The only TV he watched was Cartoons and Law and Order SVU, those seemed like terrible suggestions. He should have brought a CD or a movie. He should have brought his laptop, but he hadn’t. He didn’t want to bring any work. This was supposed to be sexy. She snapped him back to the present.

“Sure,” she said, dismissively, but quickly enough that Brandon’s heart almost exploded. Bronco couldn’t contain himself, this was the only thing he’d ever wanted. “Do you need the bathroom?” he asked. “I can do mine here.” “If you don’t mind,” she said, and tossed back a drink she’d mixed, Vodka and Diet Dr. Pepper. She clinked the ice cubes around in the glass and poured another before starting towards the bathroom. “Chris doesn’t care for the costume stuff,” she said calmly. Throwing it into the middle of the conversation. Her husband’s name landed with a thud. He did his best do ignore it. “I couldn’t believe it was something you were into.” “Yeah,” he said, pushing himself back to where he’d been. That heady near-fucking place that feels like your first time drinking.

“I think I got into this so he’d have something to do with me, and now he’s not even…” She went on. He kept thinking about fucking, and Hippos, and the bright yellow sun.

Water and dryers came from the bathroom.

Bronco scratched his head and adjusted his ass. He had stripped to his T-Shirt, and slid the suit on. It was better to leave the shirt on, it somehow felt cooler in his bulky costume, even though it was another layer. Underwear or tights were better too, but he didn’t want anything getting in the way down south. His head was perfect. Big and bulbous with two big eyes that were friendly and deep. They rotated and looked about the room when he directed them with the remote in his glove, and the eyebrows lifted up and down comically to convey all of Bronco’s thoughts and hopes and fears. It was the finest thing he’d ever owned. It was so much better than his car that his brother had made it a mission to find him a better vehicle immediately. Ever since his first time showing off the costume to his family, all his brother could do was pitch him on a nice used Camry. His brother was an idiot.

Bellyflop came out wearing her costume. It was a tight red corset that pushed her big tits right up to her chin. Jesse’s body had always been good. Soft, and a shade heavy, but healthy, and sexy. Not just nerd sexy. Sexy sexy. She’d aged well. The years since high school hadn’t pulled anything where it shouldn’t be. Her hair was up in a ponytail bouncing off the top of her head. Two furry red ears poked out from either side of it. “You look amazing,” Bronco almost sang, his big silly grin showcasing all four of his plastic teeth. “Just amazing, Ms. Bellyflop.”

“Well thank you fine sir,” she said turning around and wagging a big furry red tail. It was 4 feet long at least, with a subtle bounce to it when she wiggled her ass. Her ass was full and firm. The big flashy fox tail came right out of the middle.

He approached her and put one gloved hand on the small of her back, and she spun around behind him and wrapped her arms around his big hippo waist. “You’re so big Bronco,” she whispered to him. He dipped his head and nuzzled against her check. They danced and caressed and teased for what felt like forever. Bronco’s heart heaved under his heavy skin and clumsy hands as he fumbled at Bellyflop’s buttons.

“No,” she said, and smacked at his hands. Of course, he thought, costumes were important, he’d have been mortified had she tried to take his off. Her sexy skin and human face confused him, but he knew the rules, he’d read the articles so many times they recited themselves in his head, bouncing off the walls inside when it was empty. It was what he was into anyway. It really was.

She ground against him sensually. She flung one leg over his big tummy and pulled herself towards him. She kicked the other leg over and rolled to her knees and shoved her ass against his front. Bronco couldn’t even feel her against his cock. It arced out from him inside his suit, struggling to reach the warm pussy grinding against his crotch. Bronco’s eyes rolled back in this head as his eyebrows rattled spasms up and down.

Bellyflop pulled him to the bed and rolled him over. He tried to roll from side to side and felt helpless when he realized he could not. Bellyflop pulled his nose up to her hips and pushed herself against his muzzle. He tried to roll to one side, and couldn’t, she held him down so he couldn’t move at all. She straddled Bronco’s face and ground against his nose until she came. He moaned excitedly, and worried to himself about how one cleans cum off of a hippo mask.

The Foxgirl climbed off of the Hippo’s face and smiled. “That was good,” she whispered, sliding onto her back. Bronco tried to sit up and look at Bellyflop, but he was still stranded supine and helpless. The front of his face smelled like pussy. He rocked back and forth to build momentum, and rolled clumsily over Bellyflop’s leg. “Ooof” she exaggerated. “Sorry,” he mumbled and pushed himself up with his arms. He positioned himself on top of her and rooted between her open legs. Bellyflop wasn’t smiling. She was looking off to the side distractedly. He fumbled at his belt line and she didn’t stop him. He pulled his cock out over the top of his pants. The plastic rim of his hoop tummy felt sticky and rough against his cock. He tugged at it to get it away from the plastic and dropped his pants a little. He pushed himself inside of her. She made a soft hum and looked up at Bronco’s smiling hippo eyes. She was wet, and warm, but no part of her seemed to want him. She laid there while he rocked his massive frame back and forth. She looked away. At one point she said something about Hippos, and he appreciated it.

He couldn’t come. He rocked faster but couldn’t. He tried to concentrate on her body, and big bouncy tail. He thought of her smile, and tried to make his eyebrows sexy. He thought of rainbows and the sound of bells in his balls, and begged them to come out, but nothing. The heat of his body cooked his thoughts into a hazy mush.

The head was too hot. Sweat poured down his brow and wrapped into his eyes, his human eyes. It filled his mouth and nose. He could feel it running. Snot dripped over his upper lip. He pumped away at Bellyflop and prayed to cum. Moments of pleasure lined up in his strokes but nothing he could follow. “Could you role over,” he panted.

She did, with neither agitation or allure. She got up to her knees and waggled her tail just a moment. Bronco liked it a great deal. He found an angle and slid back inside of her. He pushed as deeply as he could, the soft foam rubber made a squishing sound as slapped against Bellyflop’s thighs. He ran his gloved hands across her ass and balanced himself. The heat was exhausting, he couldn’t focus. Sweat stung, and snot dripped down his chin. She did her best to make sexy noises, a kind of hum that filled his head. Bronco’s eyes blurred, and his knees shook. His pulse ached in his neck and he couldn’t breath. He panicked and reached up to his shoulders. He dug his fingers into his neck and lifted up his face. The cold air rushed in and the sweat on his neck and in his hair froze into a cool slime. He drove home a few more times meaningfully, looking for any traction or interest. Bellyflop looked back with a vague expression on her face as Bronco fumbled like the Horseman’s Ghost. “I’ve got to take off my head,” he panted. “Sure,” she said and looked forward. There wasn’t judgement. There wasn’t anything.

He pulled his head apart from his body. When he did, a milky string of snot strung from his nose to the inside of Bronco’s face. It stretched and tattered in the air. It fell like a cut wire and splattered on Bellyflop’s ass. She looked back and smiled. “Oh baby,” she said in a greasy coo and wiggled her ass.

Brandon pulled out his penis. That’s fine he thought.

They took off their suits and showered. He tried to have sex with her the next morning but she didn’t let him. They were polite and went home. He didn’t call her and she didn’t call him. He didn’t want her husband to pick up the phone, and he was pretty sure he would. And he didn’t know why she didn’t call. A couple of days later he went to his profile and changed “Newbie,” to “Pup,” and unclicked the box that told people he was a smoker.


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