The Yuleity of Man

Posted: December 13, 2014 in Comedy Journal

I know it’s Christmas time, and it’s easy to get caught up in the feel good aspect of the holidays, and you should, but I’ve been overwhelmed by the dismissive and racist behaviors of a lot of my friends and loved ones. Our culture, and for lack of better term, I will refer to it as Christian culture, is horribly and sometimes violently bigoted to indigenous peoples they encountered. It’s easy to forget the customs and values of people underrepresented in our cultures, the fact that we have stolen certain aspects and customs only muddies the waters. At what point does a derivative act, or a tradition once stolen, then adapted and adopted to Christian culture begin to belong to said Christian culture. I don’t believe a Christmas tree is offensive to Germans or the Nordic, but I’m certain that it is, on some level.

I do not wish to limit people’s holiday spirit, but I do think a little reflection is good for everyone, and this year, I’d really appreciate a little attention paid to the Elves. Arctic Elves. Even the term is fairly indelicate, as it’s a misappropriation of “Elf.” I am not familiar enough with Arctic Elves to refer to them specifically, but I do know the peoples are as varied and proud as the wood, high, and dark elves of Europe. I find it dismissive, and disgusting that the term has not been outmoded or abandoned in recent times. St. Nicholas’s expansion into North Pole Territory is too big an issue to fully address in a single post, and I do not wish to dismiss the countless good works he’s done for orphans, and children at large, but his misidentification of the indigenous peoples as elves would be comical if it did not gloss over the atrocities and systematic genocide perpetrated against Arctic Elves.

The Holiday season IS a time of love, and reflection, and I hope everyone enjoys the season with family and love ones, but perhaps this season, while you’re wrapping up gifts or putting your cute little ornaments on your tree, maybe take a little time for some elf-reflection, and think about what the holidays are Really about. Elf Murder.

  1. Josh says:

    Too true:(

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