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Posted: December 8, 2014 in UFC

CM Punk’s going to fight in the UFC next year, because he wants the world to know he’s a real tough guy: or because the whole world is fixed and we’re all being Truman Showed. I hope it’s the later.
I hope CM Punk works really hard and the UFC designs a quick rise up the ladder. I hope he gets quick loss to an ex-champion where he doesn’t lose face, then two quick wins over questionable outsiders to the organization with some heat, then an “upset” win over a valid, but not exemplary champion. That’s how I’d write it to happen in pro-wrestling… and that’s what they did when Brock Lesnar became The UFC Heavyweight Champion.
Let me make this clear, I’m not sure The UFC’s fixed. I even hope it isn’t, but I do think it is “designed.”

CM Punk’s a great athlete who’s in pretty good shape, and seems to be pretty tough. The UFC is a sport now, with a TV deal. Somebody looking to make compelling TV could utilize the rules of the game or the trajectories of athletes’ careers to guide results. A washed up striker, say Wanderlei Silva, could be scheduled, and maybe encouraged to headhunt a little. It would be ridiculous to think The UFC leaves the camps alone entirely, and doesn’t let them know they’d prefer a knockout. Silva goes looking for that, and looses a fight. If he wins it’s a huge paycheck, and if he loses, well, his legacy is already cemented. He’s not going to be the champion again. Nobody really gets hurt. If CM Punk gets knocked out, no big loss, it still kind of proves he’s a tough guy, not afraid to get knocked out. It isn’t broken, but it’s crooked.

Fighting, and not fighting to be The Champion, is disingenuous to the spirit of the ufc, it fits into the current world of Buffalo Wild Wings brings you Perpetual Fight Night pretty well. I’m going to watch it. But the UFC is dead. I’m watching it because of CM Punk, and regardless of the fight turn out. He’s beating the ufc, and maybe even prowrestling too.

CM Punk is a wannabe revolutionary, which is fine. I wanna revolution. I think he’s going to change the world of American Pro Wrestling into the blurred showtainment environment that’s been in Japan for years and existed in Pre-Hulk Hogan America (I don’t want to believe it either.)  I think it’s great that one guy’s trying to effect change. I hope he does it. People may think he’s a dick, most revolutionaries are probably dicks.

I think it’s great. I think we’ve got it coming. I hope The UFC’s gets put to sleep.


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