Posted: November 30, 2014 in Comedy Journal

The internet is flaring right now with charges of sexism and rape culture and I guess feminism over something people are calling “gamergate.” Which is the worst name for anything there’s every been, including celebrity babies. As a complete aside let me state: Watergate was named after a hotel. The scandal itself had nothing to do with water, or for that matter, gates. Gate isn’t a suffix like “Bowl” or “palooza” that you can just add to your subject to make it a thing.

But this topic is interesting to me, even if its name is not.

Feminism is probably my favorite topic to not discuss. The only thing I dislike more than feminists is people who dislike feminists. And the hate that this situation is creating illustrates it perfectly. I think the rancor is a natural occurrence that happens when two sides don’t understand anything about the other side other than they are wrong.

This situation is simple: female gamers, have made very valid claims of sexism in videogames. Gamers have responded by calling them terrible things and, in some cases, threatening them in awful and hateful ways. It is impossible to defend teenage boys threatening sexual assault, that’s deplorable behavior, but quite simply, I don’t want to do anything about it. I wish people were nicer too, but they aren’t, and forbidding bad behavior does not prevent it, it just pushes it to the YouTube comment sections. My position here is not that it’s “not so bad,” my position is that any effort to fix this from the top will only ruin it for everyone. Let tiny angry people have videogames.

I don’t care about female gamers. I don’t. It’s too small of a demographic for me to care about, and, if they really love it, they’ll trailblaze and fix it themselves. I understand that is what many of the women in question are doing, and I applaud them… but only in theory. I recently read a story about a woman who contacted the mothers of boys who spewed bile at her online. That’s hilarious. I can’t cheer for that lady enough, but I’ll bet she’s terrible. I’ll bet she’s a human who’s really used to getting her way, and clearly she’s not above telling on people. I rarely like people who do that.

I hate it that my position here is deliberate disinterest. I hate both sides so much I can’t stand it. Teenage men, and maybe just men in general, are terrible. And if you hate their company so much, way to pay attention, they suck. The prescription for the ailment of awful human behavior I’ll offer here is the same I offer to anyone who thinks things are unfair. They are. And I’m sorry. Now quit pointing it out and telling people why they have to live differently so you’re more comfortable. If you take away my right to threaten my ex-roommate’s fallen champion with a butt raping after I beat him at Injustice, I’ll come to your house and read “The Awakening,” and I’ll tell you all about its symbolism. How’s that for mean on-line threat.


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