15 Stupid Things I’m Thankful For. (Stupid 1 of Stupid 5)

Posted: September 2, 2014 in Comedy Journal

My buddy Mike Bobbitt invited me to make a list of things I’m thankful for. He suggested that for 5 days I list 3 things I’m thankful for. I was like, “Fuck That, dumbo.” But then reflected, I could stand to write more, and that’s an easy prompt. Plus, thinking about things I’m thankful for might do me some good as well. So, here it goes:

1. I’ll begin by bouncing this right back to Mike Bobbitt, but I’m lumping him together with some other folks; Nicholas Anthony (not his real name) and Isaac Landfert. They’re guys who keep me writing because they write. They don’t talk about writing they do it. They do it well, and they do it often. It’s amazing. I wish I could do that. They make things. They create energy. They push people forward, weather they know it or not. And I need them. Gross.

2. Mike Malone, and he gets his own place. He’s my best friend in comedy, and like top 40 in real life. My career is a career because of Mike, and I can’t thank him enough. 5 years ago Mike invited me up to Livonia, near Detroit. I was to do a guest set. I’d never gone to a place and just done a guest spot. I always micced then showcased then whatevered or industry termed, but not just shown up and told jokes to a real crowd! Looking back, it meant nothing. That’s not a real step. That’s not something people have to go through, or should remember. It was in no way important, but it felt important, it was a good reason to make myself nervous. The place was Huge and amazing, my set probably went fine, but I don’t remember. Mike probably killed. I do remember the back hallway. People had signed up and down the walls, some folks I knew. I thought it was awesome. I wanted to do it, but it wasn’t my place. Mike might not even have, I think he was only featuring. (It was SO cool for him to bring me.) This past week I worked there properly, and I wrote my name way up high, where few folks could reach it. It’s super dumb, but, it gave me a new reason to be nervous, and it made my job fun. It gave me a reason to call Mike, and thank him. Folks in this field are the worst, and he’s not. He’s a great friend and a great comic. 

3. Sid Vicious’s Powerbomb. That move was fucking incredible.


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