Tonight I went to WrestleMania!

Posted: April 8, 2013 in Comedy Journal

Tonight I went to WrestleMania with my Nephew. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done, and I encourage anyone to go. I hope you’ll come back and read what I write about it later, because I think it will be fun. but right now I’ll just let you know how the night went, and how it felt live.

Pre Mania-the atmosphere is something special. The open air was a neat novelty, and even though it was a little chilly at times, I think I preferred it. I didn’t watch The Miz Match, and I love The Miz, but I was buying a shirt, and it wasn’t Mania. It just wasn’t. It was the prelim, and you could tell. I caught the tail end and was happy about it.

1st Match. The Shield Vs Big Show, Sheamus, Randy Orton

I hate multiple man tag matches, but The Shield are pretty good at them, and I thought this was a pretty good opener. The crowd went nuts, of course they did. It was the first match. They did a nice quick intro for all the good guys, which is great, as I wouldn’t want Orton’s 4 minute walk that early.  Watching Big Show Live is awesome he’s like a looking at a horse among people. He’s a landmark. The Shield entrance is fun live as everyone looks to see where they’re coming from. The match was solid for a first bout. The Shield kept quick tags, and a few big moves from all the faces broke up the offense in a fun way. The finish terrific. Seth Rollins jumps from the ropes into an RKO, only for Orton to catch a spear and give The Shield the win. It was great. The catching RKO, even though we’ve seen it a lot, and better versions, is great live. It was probably the best move of the night stunt-wise.

2nd Match. Mark Henry Vs Ryback

Great Match live. Big loud smacks from both of them when they hit moves. The crowd was really in to it. A lot of good fan support for both. In the end Ryback went for his finisher, couldn’t get it. Henry fell on him in a kind of clumsy makeshift splash and got the cover. It was nice unconventional end. When Henry walked back towards Ryback the crowd loved it, but when Ryback fought back and did hit is finisher, the crowd went nuts. It was terrific live.

3rd Match. Team Hell No Vs Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston.

Pretty solid match. Very short. Ended with a Daniel Bryan Flying headbutt. People loved the quick match. Big E’s not any good yet, but he is really strong and it’s fun to look at freaks. Again, I dug the unconventional finish. I was pretty surprised by this one. I thought the team was breaking up. Their wasn’t enough Ziggler in the match though. Not to be a mark, because I’m really not the fan a lot of folks are, but he didn’t hit much of his charisma stuff. Even though the actual wrestling was pretty good. If Ziggler and Big E stay together. I want the team to be called Big E/Ziggy. You should too.

4th Match. Fandango Vs Chris Jericho

Jericho got the first fire works of the night, and definitely the biggest response up until that point. The match was okay, just weird. Everybody new Fandango would win, you don’t lose a debut, but nobody wanted him to. Fandango won with that Top Rope Leg Drop he does. It’s a fun spot live, and I can see it working because it can come fairly quickly. He’s alright. I don’t think the gimmick can last. No real surprises. Jericho’s amazing live and he was kind of wasted.

5th Match. Alberto Del Rio Vs. Jack Swagger

Zeb Colter had the first mic time of the night, and called out foreigners who spoke Spanish, Italian, and Greek (God Damn Greeks!) He also said he hated NY and walking around it made him sick. It was pretty great. It wasn’t sincere hate, just “that’s the bad guy” hate. It’s pretty infectious with 80 some thousand people at a time. The match itself wasn’t much. Del Rio got the win with the Cross Arm Breaker. There were a couple of submission exchanges that looked really slick live, But I’m not sure how they played on TV. Kind of short, nothing stand out. Del Rio’s one of the best, and Swagger’s alright too, but this one felt a little hollow. Swagger came down on a Gator and the crowd loved that, but Del Rio got a little washed out in the production. His face personality is a lot quieter than his heel, and it didn’t come through so much. Still. Not Bad.

6th Match. CM Punk Vs. The Undertaker

CM Punk’s entrance being played live by Living Color was terrific. It blew the crowd away. Diddy had just gone on about a half an hour earlier, and it was great, but this dwarfed it. Undertaker’s entrance was 100% the best of the evening. He’s had better, but this one was really good. A bunch of creepy zombie like hands came out of the ground and groped at Taker as he strode towards the ring. His fireworks and pyro were huge. They heated MetLife Stadium. It got warm, noticeably warm, even from my distance, which was substantial.

What a match! Best of the night. As expected. As delivered. Some great spots. CM Punk pulled Undertaker off of “Old School” only to hit it himself later. It was stellar. While Punk had Taker in the Anaconda Vice, Undertaker did his creepy set up and locked eyes with Punk in one of the coolest Taker moments in recent history.

the Urn Cheapshot, (And urn juggling pre-match) by CM Punk was terrific. Fine Ending. Taker caught Punk in a Tombstone. Great Match. I’m glad he was wrestling a smaller guy, and got to show off some of his power moves. The high flourishes really pay off at an event this huge. This was the first match the crowd seemed really vested in. And it was the first one with some real drama to who would win. People were actually relieved at the end. Or pissed. It was hard to follow.

7th Match. HHH Vs. Brock Lesnar

the crowd was NOT into this match early. Had nowhere near as much energy as Taker’s. I think people expected the Brodus Clay/Tensai Vs. Rhodes Scholars, and there was a bathroom/merch shop exodus right before hand. Luckily, the intros of both of these guys are super long. Great walks to the ring and cool set for HHH, but the match itself didn’t take off for a while, even though they seemed to try. There was no response until Lesnar smashed a chair into the stairs to make some noise, and drew some attention. Some good outside action. Lesnar made good on breaking the announce table Undertaker and CM Punk couldn’t with a big belly to belly suplex. He did it again onto the rubish that was left over and it was sloppy. You probably shouldn’t do that to your boss. I really thought HHH was going to get hurt. A couple of long submission trades were good, and added some drama. There was an Excellent HBK kick to Heyman to prevent him from interupting. Some good inside/outside the ring action. Ended with pedigree to the stairs. Not bad, just couldn’t follow Undertaker. I’d have liked more weapons, as it was the only “special rules” engagement of the night. But it was good, if not surprising.

8th Match. The Rock Vs. John Cena

The Crowd Went Crazy! Man did they hate Cena! Big anti-Cena sentiment. Lousy match. They pretty much just traded finishers or near finishers for 20 minutes. No real drama or high points in action. Cena had a pretty solid mock to The Rock while attempting a People’s Elbow. Sadly, That was probably the best part of the match. Rock looked better than he did at Royal Rumble, but not great, and Cena just didn’t present much. The crowd hated him. I’ve never been surrounded by that much good natured animus. When he won with a Rock Bottom reversal to an AA, his fans, who’d been pretty abused by then, went nuts. And they deserved it. The over-all end was mostly boos. But the Cena raising Rock’s hand at the end kind of forced a begrudging clap. It was Crappy finish, but an alright event.

I had a marvelous time, and I’d give my WrestleMania an A. an A+.

It was great. Even though the PPV was probably awful.

Objectively: a C, Maybe a D, but I think Taker’s match makes certain it passes. Other than that match though, nothing surprising, no swerves, no terrific high spots that will stand out forever.  an Awful PPV.

Best experience of my life.

  1. re: Miz vs Barrett. I feel a bit ripped off. This match started and after so much alcohol, I needed to make a quick run to the bathroom only to come back to this match being over and still like 15 minutes until the real PPV started. I thought surely this match would last more than 6 minutes.

    re: the RKO on Rollins being the best stunt of the night. I think that the CM Punk elbow drop onto the spanish announcers table was a bit more impressive and worthy of of being deemed the best of the night. I did enjoy the RKO but an elbow to a big guy on a table that ends up not breaking really added to it.

    re: HHH vs Lesnar. This match was pretty boring and I opted to go to the superstore to buy a 35$ friggin shirt instead of watch lame ass Brock vs HHH…again..

    The crowd was full of jerk-offs as only NJ can produce. Luckily I am one so being able to combat them was 2nd nature though I almost got into a fight on several occasions.

    Punk vs Taker was definitely the best match of the night and the only thing worth while in this whole PPV. I agree on your other points though. It was a great experience for the most part though I was so tired of the BORING main event that we left about 10 minutes in.. after it was headlock after arm bar after botched STF[U] attempt after arm bar..etc.

    Until New Orleans!!!

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