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Posted: September 28, 2012 in UFC

It’s been a while since I made a fight pick post, but I’ve been actively picking fights with my buddy on the web. That’s way easier than this, but… It’s been too long, so here it goes. First of all, let me voice my discontent with the UFC right now. There’s too much.It’s not what I fell in love with. The UFC’s become a sport; with rules and strategy and meathead fans. The fighters were Always athletes, but they weren’t participating in a sport, or playing a game, they were fighting. Now the sport has evolved and, while I can’t argue that today’s fighters aren’t better, it’s less fun. At least for me. The more Mainstream the sport goes, the less fun it is for me to watch. It used to be that being a fight fan took effort. If you met a fan, you knew he went out of his way to watch, and probably fought or trained a little too. Now, it just means he likes sparkley shirts. It’s on every week, so people don’t have to work to follow it, they can just go to B-dubs and holler. I think Dana’s super happy with it’s homogenization and weekly sporting events. I feel like it’s lost a lotof it’s heart, and most of it’s edge. I’m very happy to see the fighters getting paid, I can’t argue with that… I just wish the sport had stayed what it was. The Ultimate Fighting Championship. Anyway, there’s my gripe. Here are my picks:
This fight takes place in England, and has a lot of Brits on the card, so, if anybody’s teeth get busted, it shouldn’t matter.

The card starts out with an exciting welterweight fight where Duane “Bang” Ludwig will beat Brit tough guy Che Mills. Mills is a great fighter, coming off a hard loss to Rory MacDonald, but Ludwig’s lost two in a row… and might be fighting for his job. Both of these guys are kickboxers, and it should make for a great opening bout.

Duane Ludwig by KO

At Lightweight, Handsome Matt Wiman’s going to lose to the impressive undefeated Paul Sass. I love the way Sass fights, and while Wiman’s one of my favorites, I think he’s going to lose to this punk kid. This is probably Sass’s hardest fight to date, and I don’t think he’ll finish, as primarily a submission dude, and Wiman’s never tapped, but I think a couple near chokes will give him a squeaker decision.

Sass by Decision.

At Bantamweight I see Yves Jabouin losing to Brad Pickett be decision, because good bantamweights can’t finish fights against each other. These two tiny old men will go 25 minutes, and Jabouin will do more damage, but Pickett is a more exciting fighter, and that’ll win the judges, and the crowd. I like watching Brad “One Punch” Pickett… even though they named this submission fighter incorrectly.

Pickett by decision.

Two exciting Brits scrap in the next fight at 170. The Hitman takes on a practitioner of Gypsy Jiu-Jitsu.  John Hatheway fights John Maguire. Hathatway’s last 5 wins have been decisions, and his new measured style’s probably going to trip up the Gypsy, who needs folks to come at him hard. Maguire might have bigger wins on his record, but Hathaway has more, and I think he’ll sneak another one out, but, I’ll be pulling for the Gypsy.

Hatheway by decision

At Welterweight Dan Hardy’s going to knock out Amir Sadollah. I like Sadollah, he’s a great fighter, and a terrific ambassador for the sport, but he shines against better athlete/dumber fighter types, and Hardy isn’t that. Sadollah’s great at catching folks in mistakes, and while Hardy looks like a dude who makes mistakes… he isn’t. I love the glove throwing Hardy. I think he’ll pick Sadollah apart at a distance, and keep Amir in his guard when it goes to the ground, until a midround TKO.

Dan Hardy by TKO

Heavyweight is an exciting fight. The nearly 7 foot Stefan Struve will most likely choke out Stipe Miocic. People don’t trust Struve, because he’s taken some serious knock outs, but people forget he’s strung together 8 UFC wins between those knockouts. I can’t blame you though… watching tall guys get knocked out is awesome. Miocic is undefeated, and awesome, but I don’t think he’s trained to fight an anomaly like Struve. (How do you train for a guy like this?) Miocic could catch him, and send the 2.12 meters of Struve to the ground… but I think he’ll get caught in a crazy triangle, and tap.

Struve by Submission.

Fight of the Night: Pickett VS Jabouin

Knock Out of the Night: Ludwig

Submission of the Night: Struve


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