On inadvertent creepiness

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Nonfiction

A couple of days ago I tweeted, “I like to show up at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum by myself, and pretend the security guards that follow me around are my entourage.” It was kind of funny, I was much prouder of using all 140 characters so effeciently. It got an appropriately tepid response and I didn’t think much about it again. Until earlier today. When a friend of mine who works at the ICM informed me he received an e-mail regarding possible threats made from one DJ Dangler, and to keep an eye out for him.

He was probably authorized to carry around a  heavier flashlight or something too… I don’t know.

I knew it was funny right away, but I was surprisingly hurt.

I’ve grown accustomed to being id’ed as a probable scumbag in person, but over social media and the internet? That’s too much. Being a weirdo is fun, but the shift to “crazy person who has a beef with the Indianapolis Children’s Museum” isn’t one I’m willing to make yet. And I don’t think I tried to.

I think my pal vouched for me. And I hope the folks at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum know I love and appreciate their institute, even if I haven’t actually gone their as an adult.

I hate discovering that the ICM folks are people who don’t understand jokes, but maybe I should just view it as their commitment to your kids safety. And maybe they should view this as an apology from the inadvertently creepy.

Maybe I will go there sometime soon. And when I do, I promise I won’t show up fully bearded or shirtless.

  1. Sara Flores says:

    Ha, ha, that is awesome!! 🙂

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