Picks for UFC on Versus

Posted: June 26, 2011 in UFC

UFC Live on Versus has a couple of fights that don’t matter much, but should be fun to see. Marquardt had to pull out, and has been canned fast a hard… I wonder what he did. It’s a shame he’s gone, I’d have loved to have watched GSP Not beat him in the near future.

Here are my picks for tonight:

Main Event:

Kongo over Barry at Heavyweight. This will be a stand-up fight, and that’s good for both of these guys, as neither has a ground game. Kongo has a little bit more, and his last fight with Browne made a lot of people angry. He’ll be fighting to prove something, and either win early or score big in the first two rounds. Barry’s likable, and funny… but he got beat by CroCop. Within the last five years. That means he fights dumb or isn’t that good. Kongo by decision.

Rick Story is going to beat up last minute replacement Charlie Brenneman. That’s not really fair. He’s known he was going to fight for a day. Brenneman is a legit fighter, but that’s too short of notice. Story by TKO

Matt Brown is a scrappy fighter at 170, and one of my favorites, but I don’t think he can beat John Howard. Both are tough once it gets to the ground, but Howard’s better on his feet. He’s also better at staying on his feet than Brown is at taking people off of them. Brown’s probably fighting for his job here, so he’ll bring it. I wouldn’t be shocked if this is Fight of the Night.

Matt “Meathead” Mitrione beats Christian Morecraft at Heavy. Mitrione’s becoming a serious fighter, and he’s better every time I see him. I don’t know why Barry’s in the Main Event and not Mitrione, as Mitrione has more impressive wins currently. But I think this will do a lot to push Mitrione up the ladder.  Morecraft is slick on the ground, and should prove an interesting test for Mitrione, but I think Meathead will be able to turn this into a sloppy kickboxing match and score a TKO.


They’re really throwing a lot of little guys I don’t know on this card, so I’ll only make picks on guys I have opinions about.

Joe Lauzon will beat tough guy Curt Warburton at Lightweight, as Warburton’s a Brit that likes to stand up and will get tapped out on the ground.

Nik Lentz Vs. Charles Oliveira will be a dynamite lightweight fight and I’m pissed it’s not getting bumped up to Main Card with Marquardt dropping out. These two have one loss between them and both put on exciting fights. I’ll pick Oliveira, but am happy with either.

Fuck Joe Stevenson. Why does Dana keep giving him fights? He’ll probably win this one against Javier Vazquez. If he does win, he’ll get beat by a contender in his next fight. If he doesn’t win, it won’t matter, Dana will put him on the next card beating up a ring girl or something.

Tyson Griffen’s dropping down to Featherweight. A lot of people love Griffen… I’m not sold on him. I think this cut will wear him out and he’ll get beat in late rounds by the very tough Manny Gamburyan, giving him the decision.

All in all, not a bad free fight.

Knock out of the Night: Going to have to pick a Heavyweight here, and I’m putting my money on Mitrione.

Submission of the Night: Joe Luazon

Fight of the Night: Oliveira Vs. Lentz. Really hope we get to see that one on TV.


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