My least favorite MMA personalities

Posted: April 6, 2011 in UFC

I haven’t put up a post in too long. It’s been a rough couple of weeks, and I’ve gotten behind on this. I’ve been wanting to write this one for a while, mostly because it was easy to write… I’m great at not liking stuff. Here are the 10 people in my favorite sport who bother me the most.

My Ten Least Favorite MMA personalities.

1- Frank Shamrock- Frank was a good fighter, a great fighter, but he’s the worst announcer currently working in any organization. He sounds like an idiot, and is openly antagonistic to fighters he has history with. Nobody wants to hear a guy at the bar talking about how he could beat up the guy on TV, that’s what Shamrock sounds like. A blowhard who’s mad nobody’s paying attention to him. He’s also worn braces for like 10 years, and it makes him look like a middle school bully. Couple that with his limited vocabulary and tendency to repeat himself, and you have the worst announcer there is, and my least favorite guy in the sport.

2- Rashad Evans- Rashad Evans is an asshole. He won’t fight when it doesn’t suit him, and he bitches about how people don’t respect him. He puts on boring fights and celebrates with the most unrelenting trash talk in the business. Rashad Evans is one of the only fighters I hate.

3- Josh Koschek- Josh Koschek might be mentally retarded. Did anybody see this mouth-breather on The Ultimate Fighter? He’s pretty stupid, and he’s pushy too. Typically, I don’t mind assholes. I kind of like assholes! But this guy’s the worst. He talks shit poorly, but that doesn’t slow him down at all. He’s just a meathead that mistakes talking a lot and loudly for having something to say.

4- Jon Fitch- Jon Fitch is painfully boring. He’s good. Sure, but he doesn’t stop people. He wrestles, and waits for the referee to break it up and tell him he’s the winner. Also, he looks like a monkey. Typically, that makes me like people more. If it wasn’t for this guy’s monkey face, he’d probably be my number one least favorite.

5- Jake Shields- Shields is the same boring prototype that seems to clog the welterweight division. Tough wrestler with no real wins. His match against Henderson was sort of exciting, because Henderson was trying to win. Shields survived it… then held on until the ref said it was over. It was impressive, but only because the guy he was fighting was bringing it, and fighting like he wanted to win. Shields was fighting like he wanted a decision. 

6- Mirko CroCop- CroCop is the most overrated fighter today. I was at a loss as to why Dana White continually puts this fading star on the main card until I saw his crowd reaction last fight. The audience erupted for CroCop. Then watched him get his face punched in for 3 rounds. He’s not good anymore. He won’t be again. If he loves fighting, that’s fine. Retire and coach, or take gate-keeper matches where you’re still relevant. But If I’m getting tired of watching a cop get knocked out… it’s clearly gone on too long.

7- Georges St. Pierre- GSP is maybe the best fighter in the world today. He’s also the only fighter who’s PPVs I won’t buy. He hasn’t put on an exciting fight since Serra almost 5 years ago. He wrestles, really well, and I don’t want to watch it. It’s one thing when he’s locking up with Fitch, and it looks like he really can’t finish the job, it’s another thing when he doesn’t finish Hardy, who’s a striker! or Koschek, who quite frankly is not in the same league as GSP. GSP underperforms. And I won’t deny his ability, but until he starts fighting like he wants to be there, he’ll stay on this list. It’s odd that the 4 greatest 170s in the world are all on my list of least favorites. I don’t think that that means anything, as I love several Welterweights… but not the top guys. Those guys’ fights suck.

8- Michael Schiavello- The announcer for HDNet Fights and Strikeforce is amusing, and sometimes his enthusiasm is contagious, but frequently it’s just too much. I love it when it sounds authentic, but lately it’s seemed forced and annoying. If Schiavello tones it down just a bit, he’ll quickly hop off this list like an Easter Bunny with new sneakers.

9-Chael Sonnen- I used to like this well spoken and charismatic grinder… then he tested positive for Performance Enhancing Drugs. I’m not a stickler about steroids, I understand the allure of a pill making you better at your job. But I am a stickler about hypocrisy, and his assault on Lance Armstrong and Holier-than-thou demeanor have quickly become sticking points for me. I also think anybody that tries to parlay an entertainment career into a Republican Political career is a scumbag.

10- Diego Sanchez- I hate spazes. And Diego Sanchez is a spaz. His streaky temperament and performance is indicative of this. His name change, his weight change, his sometimes post fight pulpit preaching; all of it comes together to make a fighter I always want to see lose.

So there they are, the 10 people who most bother me in MMA. I’d love to hear who’s on your list, and who on my list you like. Let’s get in a big damn fight about it.

  1. jason says:

    Honarable mention; Frank Mir

  2. isaac landfert says:

    rashad evans- showbaoting before ever stopping an opponent. fed sean salmon then 2 good wins over abroken down iceman and forrest griffen. too much talk not enough action. too defensive of teammates to be a good analist. i can’t stand him. i’m still mad he beat rampage.

    josh koscheck- i understand i’m supposed to hate him and i do, just not in the intended way. i don’t hate him like i hateed sgt. slaughter when he sided with iraq, i just don’t want him around.

    frank trigg- just something about him

    chael sonnen-republican face.

    frank mir- see frank trigg

    tito ortiz- hearing him talk is way worse than watching him fight. he can lose fights all he wants, i’ll watch it, just please keep him off the mic.

    josh barnet- the baby fat assasin is good fighter but too cocky. pass a piss test and beat a real opponent and we’ll see if my opinion changes. plus i still remember him getting steamrolled by cro-cop.

    mauro ranallo- tries way too hard. i was furious when steven quadros left pride and we got this pastey canadian instead.

    frank shamrock- i gree with you dj… maybe i don’t like guys named frank

    gray maynard- he’s stupid. also, he can’t finish fights

    • DJ Dangler says:

      Any of these guys could happily make it on to my list of folks I hate…. but I wish you’d have mentioned Maynard’s trampstamp. Also, the term “Republican Face” is now being adopted into my lexicon.

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