Notes, and picks for UFC on Versus 3

Posted: February 27, 2011 in UFC

There’s another fight this weekend, so I’ll go ahead and post my picks for it.

1.) I think Martin Kampman will beat Diego Sanchez at Welterweight. Kampman’s looking to avenge the “loss” to stall artist Jake Shields, and I think he’ll take it out on Sanchez, who hasn’t been the same since cutting down to 155 lbs. I know he’s back at 170 lbs, and has been talking about re-dedication to his sport and weightclass, but I don’t think he’s the same guy that was so terrifying in his early years. Also, I don’t trust anybody who preaches from the post fight interview to fight soundly very long.

2.) Mark Munoz will bust up C.B. Dollaway, but I think he’ll lose. C.B. Dollaway is pretty slick on the ground, and I don’t think he’ll get trapped under The Fillopino Wrecking Machine. I don’t know if Dollaway can choke out that tree trunk neck, but I think he’ll win.

3.) I’m picking newcomer Chirs Weidman over Alessio Sakara at 185 lbs. Weidman has tough wrestling background and has scored wins he really shouldn’t have in smaller organizations. He’s also a rarity… a smart wrestler. Those are dangerous. I think he has vast potential, and I think you’ll start to see it when he upsets Sakara.

4.) I think Bowles will beat Page at Bantamweight, but my knowledge of little fighters is lacking. I’ve seen Page lose to a replacement fighter, and that never bodes well.

The Prelims of this card really dip down into the UFCs lesser names. I’ll only comment on the couple I have any opionion on:

5.) I’m going to pick Danny Castillo over Joe Stevenson… but this is really just me not liking Joe Stevenson. Castillo’s a WEC guy with moderate success. Joe “Daddy” Stevenson is a douche with a shitty nickname. Stevenson’s a guy that continually underperforms and gets rewarded with easier and easier fights for it. I hope Castillo wins this because I know it won’t hurt Stevenson’s career. Dana will make us watch him beat up a toddler or something. Maybe he and CroCop could open up a little antique shop and quit wasting fight space. It’ll succeed, but I have no idea what Dana’s going to do with all of those Ottomans.

I hope Dongi Yang loses to Rob Kimmons. Kimmons has lost to anybody with a future at 185 right now. And beating Yang might prevent this boring Asian from having one.

I like Rousimar Palhares because he’s a 5’8″ 185 lbs fighter called the “Tree Stump.” And a Todd Brown at Light Heavyweight is from Mishawaka Indiana, so I’ll be rooting for them, but I can’t claim real support.

This is a nice free fight. Nothing great, but it’ll do. Can’t wait for 128.

Last fight I only picked 5 out of 10 fights right. I would say 6, as I predicted Fitch, and Fitch really won, but I also predicted a boring fight, and it wasn’t that. So I won’t count it. It was the most exciting showing Fitch has put forth. I’m not ready to hop on the Fan Bus though. I think Penn’s the one that made that fight fun to watch. Fitch won. But as far as nearing a finish… he never got any closer than Penn did. Fitch is still boring, but he’s a good fighter,  it’s telling that the most exciting fight he’s been part of was a tie. 

Speaking of Ties… I like’em. That sounds odd, but I do. It’s the right decision.

People… Americans, hate ties. We look at it as not winning. And we’re right. Basketball, Football, even Wrestling, those need a finish to be over. But a fight’s different. A fight ISN’T about points, it’s about making the other dude stop. If somebody doesn’t do that… they didn’t win the fight. We can’t have every fight go until somebody stops, unless we want  those awful Severn/Shamrock suckfests we had in the late 90’s. But with the addition of time limits we need to realize that often nobody wins. I’d argue every fight that isn’t a unanimous decision should be ruled a draw. Maybe even fights that are unanimous but close (29-28’s) are draws. I don’t feel like Nick Ring beat Fukuda last night. They fought… and nothing happened. They were both losers.

For the record. I wouldn’t have scored last night’s main event a draw. I think Fitch won 29-27. He won round 2, and he won round 3 by 10-8. But I’m not upset with the call. Fitch got on top and stayed on top most of round 2… but he never got close to finishing it while he was there, he just stayed dominant. In the short time B.J.was winning round 2, he almost choked Fitch out. I think judges are focusing on nearly winning more than they have in the past to dissuade wrestlers from getting on top and stalling. There’s a growing bias against wrestlers in UFC judging, and I’m not against it. There are so many aspects of the sport that cater to wrestling; rounds, time limits, and the prohibition of ground strikes, that some bias is necessary to counter-balance it.

The biggest shock of the night wasn’t the Draw, it was Bisping looking like a killer. People hate Bisping. I don’t. I like the British Prick. He sneered and spat and cheated and won. Those are four of my favorite things to do. My gripe with him earlier was that he was fighting in too measured a fashion; that he was stalling and out-pointing people with tiny jabs on his feet. Last night he brought it all at Rivera and was more exciting than he’s been since his Henderson loss.

 That knee was unfortunate. It was an illegal strike, and Rivera could be awarded a win for it, he would have been better off laying down and cashing a check. But he didn’t. And I appreciate that. I hope he’ll bounce back. I like the guy, but I think he should focus more on takedowns and less on being clever outside of the cage. My only defense of Bisping throwing that knee is… I don’t agree with the rule. I think that all moves should be legal. (except of course The Heart Punch.)

As for Bisping being a dickhead and spitting at Rivera’s corner post fight. I don’t care. They can fine him or whatever, that’s fine, but I’m not going to quit watching a fighter for being passionate.

Denis Siver looked awesome. His balance and flexibility impressed me. I thought Sotiropoulos could take him out and choke him at leisure, and I was wrong. I need to see him against a wrestler before I’m okay with him as a title contender, but if he can evade a Clay Guida or Joe Miller, then I’m on board. Sotiropoulos clearly needs to learn how to shoot-in on or throw people if he’s ever going to use that jiu-jitsu in any meaningful fashion.

Lytle didn’t fight well, maybe he’s been over-performing… and this is just reality catching him.

Tuscherer even worse than I thought… and I thought he was really really bad.

All-in-all: Good Card.

  1. jason says:

    Nice picks, except I think Sanchez has a legitimate chance at winning this fight, most likely by decision. I think Greg Jackson has cooked up a solid game plan for him and if he sticks to it he squeaks out the W. As much as I would like to see another vagina opened on Diegos forehead (the penn fight). I think the smartest thing he did is go train with Jackson and the elite class of fighters he represents. Maybe Tony Robbins will be there to give him positive affirmations of victory.

    • DJ Dangler says:

      Training with Jackson is a great move, and he certainly is a good fighter, but Kampman’s no slouch. He did get laid on by Shields for 15 minutes, so maybe Sanchez can do the same thing, but I just don’t think he can. It might be me hoping, not thinking, as I’ve never liked Sanchez, but he’s really fallen apart in the last year or so. I also think that if Penn can just beat his face like that, Kampman might be able to too. I think both big fights should be a lot of action as all four fighters involved are great fighters, but not great finishers. So we’ll get a few minutes of good back and forth in each.

  2. jason says:

    Ya, Kampman is a solid fighter. And don’t get me wrong I think Diego is douche. Its just the Greg Jackson influence.

  3. DJ Dangler says:

    Fair enough… How do you feel about the Tie? I’ve talked to a lot of people and they always respond negatively. But I think this draw, which is questionable, and the Edgar/Maynard draw, which was a perfect call in my oppinion, were okay decisions. I’m furious when a decision goes the wrong way; Dunham losing to Sherk, Forrest taking the title from Rampage, Machida retaining the title, Belcher getting screwed by that Asian, and I think more draws are an acceptable way to combat that.

  4. jason says:

    I’m kind of on the fence about it. Really just because Fitch was in top position, with a high level BJJ practitioner like BJ, does that mean he is in the dominant position. 1st round penn definitely, 2nd round was maybe a tie. 3rd round Fitch. So I guess a draw is okay.
    As far as Shogun/Machida 1…. hrrmmm. Well I watched it over a couple times after the fight. And I do believe Machida won. I mean you can’t end a fight with leg kicks. Machidas strikes were intended to be fight ending.
    Know as far as anything that concerns Gay Maynard, he has a tramp stamp. And for that he should lose any decision…

    • DJ Dangler says:

      I didn’t mean these draws specifically, I mean Draws in general. I don’t think draws are a bad call or a wasted fight. I think most decisions are in fact draws, and I think ruling more fights draws is good for the sport, because it won’t reward boring fighting. John Fitch’s record isn’t 23-3-1. It’s 10-3-and 14. That’s a little bit of an over statement. Some of his decisions ARE wins, but you get my point.

  5. jason says:

    I see where you are going. Personally I like the way ufc started with no time limits. No bell, the new rules definitely favor wrastlers. Guys like Fitch especially, and recently GSP. I remember he used to finish fights. Granted some of the old ufc super matches were boring, but at the end somebody won. Maybe they should add another round in case of a draw? Kind of like on TUF show.
    Oh and by the way Sanchez by decision… just sayin, Greg Jackson

    • DJ Dangler says:

      I don’t think we can go back to the way it was. Streamlining it as a sport is what gave it more fans, and made people not look at it like “Human Cock Fighting,” but I think the move to correct scoring is necessary and, slowly, on the way. I was pissed, I was watching the fight on a stream on my computer, and it cut out right after round 1, so I missed the fight, but if he came back from the beating I saw him take, I’m impressed. I hope it was a real win, and not a glorified tie. I don’t know, because I didn’t see it. In the bit I saw, Diego Sanchez did look more intense than he did at 155, and that’s good, but I’ll never like him. I like the idea of a 3rd round only if the first two are split. It encourages less pacing, and more actual fighting. I also like the notion of just “scoring the fight,” not scoring round by round. Judges know who won at the end.

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