UFC 127 predictions

Posted: February 21, 2011 in UFC

UFC 127 is a weird one. There are some lousy fighters on this card, just guys who aren’t very good. And the guys who are good fighters aren’t premier fighters. B.J. Penn is on the decline, and Fitch is utterly unlikable. Fitch is a good fighter, but you could fit all of Fitch’s fan inside of one pair of Hipster’s jeans. There are some promising mid-card fights though. Here are my picks.


Zhang Tie Quan will beat Jason Reinhardt at Featherweight. Quan used to fight at lightweight in the WEC, and dropping down against a no-name should be a good move for him to get a win.

Tom Blackledge will KO Anthony Perosh in a Light Heavyweight fight that couldn’t matter less. Perosh got beat by CroCop. CroCop’s a used up napkin, if he can make you stop a fight…the next guy’s going to too.

Maciej Jewtuszko will TKO Curt Warburton in a sleeper fight at Lightweight. I’m excited to see Jewtuszko, an undefeated 6-foot lightweight make some waves in the UFC. Warburton’s no slouch, I just have a hard time betting against an undefeated guy who’s stopping fights, especially at Lightweight. That kind of momentum is something special… of course, I might just want him to do well because I’ve already gone to all the trouble of learning to spell that absurd name.

Chris Tuchscherer should win a GARBAGE fight at heavyweight against Mark Hunt. Hunt’s lost 6 in row. More if you count non-MMA fights, as he’s been getting his head caved in kickboxing too, and recently Mrs. Ellis’s 4th grade class put him in the hospital during a game of dodgeball. Tuchscherer’s not any better, he’s the guy that  trains with Lesnar and looks like a Costco Brand Version. He’s the flabby knock-off who’s been Awful in all of his UFC appearances. Hopefully Hunt’s head’s gotten soft enough for Costco Lesnar to finish it quickly, because if he doesn’t, we’ll see these two roll around gassed-out and sloppy for 15 minutes. I don’t know why this fight’s happening. I’m assuming Dana pays them in potato chips.

Nick Ring will beat Riki Fukuda at middleweight. Ring’s the fighter from TUF that Dana called a sissy because he didn’t want to ruin his knee for a fight. Ring’s a good fighter. He also rocked that awful mustache after he got hurt in the show, and cracked me up with his polite sissy voice. I like it that he put his career ahead of the show, and I hope it pays off for him. I got mad at Dana for being such an ass to this guy for making a good decision. Fukuda’s an Asian over 155 lbs.; I hate watching Asians over 155lbs. If Fukuda wins, it’ll be a wet blanket match where he lays on top and I go make a sandwich.

James Te-Huna will upset Alexander Gustaffson at 205lbs. Gustaffson’s only UFC loss is to Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis, and he’s looked good in all his showings, but the Maori warrior Te-Huna will pull it out. People fight better on their home turf, and New Zealand and Australia are the same place. If you think that makes me sound like an asshole, tell me the president of Australia right now… that’s what I thought.

Ross Pearson over Spencer Fischer at Lightweight by decision. This is a great 155lbs. fight. Fischer could win this, but he likes to bang too much, and he’ll get suckered into getting out boxed by Pearson in the first round, and not take it to the ground until he’s too tired to do much, and Pearson can get away from him enough to win.


Kyle Noke will submit Chris Camozzi. Noke’s an Aussie on a bit of tear right now. Camozzi’s a tough dude making his first main card showing against a guy fighting in his own country, and he’ll get rattled. Camozzi fights for decisions, and he’ll get lazy in the 2nd round and get caught.

Chris Lytle will TKO Brian Ebersol. Brian Ebersol is filling in for an injured Carlos Condit, and he’s biting off more than he can chew. This will serve as a good high-light reel fight for Lytle, a guy who’s accruing a solid following from putting on great fights and great finishes. This is a good move. If it can’t be a relevant fight, they might as well push a guy who treats the fans to something special.

George Sotiropoulos will tap Dennis Siver. I realize I’m being heavily pro-Oceania this card, but these fights seem hand-picked for the Aussies and Kiwis. Siver’s a tough as nails kickboxer, but he can’t keep it on his feet against the anaconda like Sotiropoulos, and once it hits the ground he’ll tap.

Jorges Rivera will KO Michael Bisping. Rivera’s been fighting like a man possessed, and I love his crazy ass eyeballs. The dude looks like a killer, and fights like one. Bisping’s a stalling stand-up fighter. He’s the Brit equivalent to a Lay-n-Pray wrestler. He dances around and doesn’t finish. He’ll try to out-point Rivera, and he’ll succeed, but eventually El Conquistador will connect with a punch that has much more purpose.

John Fitch will win a fight that SUCKS. B.J. Penn’s great, but Fitch is too strong for the smaller man. Fitch will take him down a bunch and do fuck-all while he’s down there. 15 minutes later the referee will say it’s over and they’ll say Fitch won, even though B.J. Penn hasn’t take any damage. It will be boring. Like every Fitch fight. It’s a shame there are so many good prelims on this card, because you’re not going to get to watch them. You’re going to get 15 minutes of John Fitch Fitching another fight. I suggest you go ahead and get your drink on during the Bisping/Rivera match and spend this fight cussing at Fitch for wasting your time.

Knock out of the Night: Chris Lytle

Submission of the Night: George Sotiropoulos

Fight of the Night: Jorge Rivera Vs. Michael Bisping (If they give this to Fitch, I’ll chuck a bottle at the TV)

Surprise of the Night: Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Governor-General Quentin Bryce make an appearance to inform you about the political structure of Australia.

  1. jason says:

    I disagree that Fitch will dominate as much as you think. My research tells me BJ has been work exstensively on his sweeps from his guard. Also, Fitch may be larger but he is not faster. I don’t think Fitch is going to have such an easy time taking him down. And if this turns into a stand up war I give BJ the edge.

    • DJ Dangler says:

      I hope you’re right. I do. I like Penn way more than I like Fitch, but I don’t think he’s strong enough to get away from Fitch, or any suck wrestler at Welterweight. And yes, Penn’s faster, and does have better boxing, but he can’t stop Fitch’s shot. Even if he sweeps and gets away, he’ll get taken down again. And even though take-down’s don’t hurt, they do make judges say you won the “fight.” Fitch has a head (and a face) like a Brazilian. I don’t think he shaves, he rubs steel wool on it. BJ’s not going to knock him out with his punches, and he’s not going to be able to keep him away with them either. But I wish he would. I hate Fitch. I hate Shields. I hate GSP. I hate 170.

  2. jason says:

    What’s wrong with 170, you mean you don’t like watching another man holding another man down and dry humping for 15 or 25 minutes? I think they need to score more for submission attempts off the back. Just because a fighter is on top in his opponents guard doesn’t necessarily mean he is in the dominant position.
    As for BJ I biased because I am a huge fan. I was there at 123 when he KOed hughes. And I want to think this is his illustrious comeback. Fitch is so frickin boring, I just want to see BJ take his back and put him to sleep.

  3. isaac landfert says:

    i don’t have any real reason to argue with any of your picks. but for the record i’ll state my differing picks so we can brag to one another later

    perosh by dec. for some reason i’m not quite sure of

    hunt by 1st rnd tko- i now he looks like shit but that douche from lesanr’s camp is horrible and i would hope hunt cant punch his face a couple of times.

    gustafsson 2nd rnd tko- maybe i’m buying that he’s a real hot prospect

    fisher 3rd rnd triangle- this fight should be the mid card spot. i look for a great technical brawl and pearson getting tired. fisher’s pulled this off before

    bisping by dec. pecking and running, maybe a couple well timed takedowns.

    i realize quite a few of my picks argue your but i don’t have any solid reason to believe them more accurate

    the main event will be horrible unless bj clips fitch and we have an exciting moment where bj takes his back and tries for a rear naked for 3 minutes before fitch escapes. bj has a better chance to finish but fitch has a better chance to win. bj is good fighter but in his fights above lw he is 5 and 4 and 4 of those fights have gone to dec. fighting for a dec. win against fitch is just poor odds. fitch won’t get those take down easliy but he will get them and will be on top long enough to win rounds.

    • DJ Dangler says:

      your differing picks are on fights I’m not that confident about. This card has good match-ups, if not great fighters. I think I’m hoping for Rivera more than picking him, I hate Perosh because I hate CroCop, I didn’t realize he was dropping down a class at first, and that changes stuff, but I kept my stance. Hunt/Costco doesn’t matter. I’d rather Hunt win, but that many losses in a row is telling. Fisher/Pearson should be good. And honestly, I might be picking Te-Huna because I think Maori warriors are cool. Sorry, But the first Season of Deadliest Warrior was awesome… what are you going to do?

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