Notes on this week’s Strikeforce

Posted: February 15, 2011 in UFC

The Strikeforce Heavyweight Tournament kicked off this weekend, and it was a great! 5 big heavyweight fights, all finishes. Strikeforce has been exceptional lately. Here’s a quick rundown for those that missed it:

Valentijn Overreem stopped kickboxer “Sugarfoot” Ray Sefo from making a name for himself in MMA by submitting him as soon as the fight hit the ground. The older, well-named Overreem looked solid.

Chad Griggs, the no name who upset Bobby Lashley a few months ago, upset another guy when he knocked out top prospect Gian Villante. However, there is a pending investigation into Griggs use of performance enhancing sideburns. If it turns up negative I can’t wait to see him fight again.

Shane Del Rosario continued his undefeated streak by arm-barring Lavar Johnson. This guy is really promising and, I can’t wait to see more of him. Great choice as an alternate.

Then came the tournament fights.

A Russian I hadn’t seen fight looked awesome against a Belarussian that doesn’t matter anymore. Kharitonov looked strong, but knocking out Andre Arlovski means nothing. He’s been hit too hard too often. When he got knocked out this time, it was scary. Arlovski fell down with his wide-open-fish-eyes looking up at the ceiling like a corpse. Arlovski still looks slick on his feet, but if you hit him in the head his lights go out. The eggs in his head have been scrambled, and you can’t unscramble an egg. Kharitonov looked tough, sure, but I’ll hold off betting on him until I see him fight somebody that doesn’t have an off switch.

Then finally, the enormous upset; Antonio “BigFace” Silva beat Fedor Emelianenko. This was an upset, but NOT the upset people made it out to be.  Fedor’s only fought one real contender in the last 4 years and he lost to him. The fight was stopped after the 2nd round as Fedor’s right eye was swollen shut. I want to take a moment and just praise Fedor. What an amazing fighter. Watching a smaller fighter jump into the guard of a bigger BJJ expert is one of the ballsiest moves I’ve ever seen. And He Did It Twice! It was great. He doesn’t just fight to win, but to win right now. He looks to finish, and it’s awesome. After being dismantled for 5 solid minutes in round two, and blinded by the swollen eye, Fedor still looks to lock on an ankle lock in the closing seconds. Thanks Fedor.

The big news of the night, was that this showing might be Fedor’s last, as he discussed retirement. I like Fedor, and he’s a great fighter, but this is a good decision. Fedor’s too little to be a heavyweight anymore. He’s under 6 foot, and in this fight he was officially giving away 35 lbs, probably closer to 50 on fight night. That’s 2 full weight classes. How do you think GSP would fair against Rampage Jackson?  Not well. It’s not a fair fight.

5 years ago heavyweight was a weak division and Fedor could dominate; even being that much smaller; but now it isn’t, and now he can’t. Fedor can’t keep up. As MMA grows in popularity more premier big athletes are drawn to it, and the era of the small champion is ending. And as for dropping down, Fedor’s too old and too stubborn to learn to cut 25 lbs now in his career. I also don’t know if his methodical style would translate well to 205, a weight class with many freak athletes and a ton of different styles of fighters.

I hope this tournament is remember for more than being Fedor’s last one though, because it really has been a great tournament.

With that in mind, my picks for the next round:

I think Werdum will beat Alistair Overreem. That’s a bold pick, but I think the BJJ of Werdum will win this fight. Overreem’s kickboxing is fantastic, but he can’t keep it on the feet the whole time.

Josh Barnett will beat Grim Rogers. Rogers is a great striker, but he looked SO bad on the ground against Overreem that I’ won’t pick him against a real fighter ever. Barnett will take him down and ground and pound either to a stoppage or a decision.

I think both fighters who won tonight will move on in the next round. Silva over Werdum, and Kharitonov over Barnett.

Finally, let me talk about the man of the hour and my pick to win: Antonio “Big Face” Silva.

I just found out that Big Face suffers from acromegaly, the disease that made Andre “The Giant” not just Andre “the French guy.” And that’s why he has such a disproportionally large face. That’s a too bad, but I won’t be stopping making fun of it. I don’t care if it’s a condition. His face is too big. He looks like that giant moon that tried to sell me McDonald’s when I was kid. Also, I don’t feel bad for the guy. The announcers talked about how he “overcame” acromegaly. No. No he didn’t. Look at that giant fucking face.

Plus, I don’t really think of “Giantism” as a drawback. At least not for a fighter, it might be a detriment to a guy working as a file clerk or a taxi driver, but if your job’s being a monster… what’s the downside of being a Giant Monster?

I’d never say something stupid like “Man, I can’t believe Eddy overcame that Perfect Credit Score and got a car loan.”

Sure, it might have been rough as a kid, getting picked on sucks. But I’ll bet his self-esteem made up for it… By being picked first for every game ever. Plus, how much picking on or bullying do you think Silva really suffered from? “Hey Antonio, remember when those kids made fun of you for being different? And then you threw them over a house?”

Antonio Big Face Silva is my pick to win this tournament. And he has a giant fucking face.


  1. Dale Fresch says:

    Thanks for the explanation on Silva. That guy’s face has been confusing me for a while, now. But I totally agree with you; his disability is totally an asset. Nobody ever says Ron Jeremy overCAME his disability JAJAJAJAJAJAJA

    • DJ Dangler says:

      I love it that my buddy studying for his law degree takes time to read my post about off-brand MMA and make a cum joke. I’m a winner in everybody’s book.

  2. isaac landfert says:

    big face looks like the mcdonalds moon… terrific

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