UFC 126 predictions

Posted: February 5, 2011 in UFC

I haven’t written in a month, and I feel like a jerk. I’ve been on the road, and I HAVE been writing, just not getting it posted up here, so over the next couple of weeks, while I’m back out East, I should be pumping out a lot of crap for you suckers to kill your work days with. Today all I’m doing is another UFC predictions post. Tonight’s fight IS an exciting line-up; not only are some great fighters going at it, they’ve also got A LOT of talented new guys on this card. I’m actually going to watch this fight in my hometown with my dad a local sports bar. In addition to my predictions on this card, I will also predict that my dad will get angry at the price of Chicken Wings in the 3rd fight, and ask me to take him home. Exciting night fight fans, exciting night. Anway, here we go:


Mike Pierce will beat Kenny Robertson by decision at 170. Pierce is a legit fighter. He’s lost to Fitch in a boring fight recently, but he’s beaten some tough guys outside fo the UFC sense then. This should be a good way for the audience to remember this wrestler from the Northwest. I don’t know anything of Robertson, and typically that’s not a great sign. But if he beats Pierce, I’ll be certain to pay attention to him.

Ricardo Romero will beat Kyle Kingsbury in a fight that I am furious isn’t on Spike or the real card. Ricardo Romero has fought on HDNet and I’ve gotten to watch him routinely bust up The Ultimate Fighter alumni there. Tonight, he’ll do the same thing against this form TUF contestant. Romero is essentially undefeated, he got a DQ for kicking a downed opponent in a title fight. Kingsbury is tough, a former Fight of the Night winner, but I think he will serve as the first in a series of victories for Ricardo Romero, who will win by TKO.

Paul Taylor will get a decision over Paris Hilton’s physical trainer,Gabe Ruediger. Taylor’s a kickboxing Brit who kind of fights like an idiot, and it’s led to a less than impressive record, but he ALWAYS fights hard, and I think his heart will be enough in the late rounds for him to wear out the colonic-loving, weight-missing Ruediger. I’m nervous about the weight cut for Taylor, as he’s a tall man and this is a new weight, but then again, Ruediger might not make weight either.

SPIKE Fights:

Chad Mendes and Michihiro Omigawa fight at 145. Omigawa is one of the world’s finest 145s, and Mendes is currently undefeated. I’m going to go with Mendes because he was a college wrestler and he’s a tough little bastard, but I’m pulling for Omigawa.  I think Mendes will stay on top enough to earn a boring wrestler’s referee win, but he has been training with Faber and Team Alpha Male, so maybe he’ll do something crazy like be exciting.

Donald Cerrone Vs. Paul Kelly is one I can’t be unbiased about. Cerrone wears a cowboy hat. I hope he gets his face kicked off. Cerrone’s a WEC vet, and pretty good on the ground. I’ll actually give him the edge in this fight over the Brit Striker. But seriously, cowboy hats are for fucking idiots.

Main Event Card:

Miguel Torres will beat Antonio Banuelos. Torres is tough, and has a sweet mullet. I think this fight is mostly to get an audience to see him, as he’s already a pretty established fighter, and Banuelos should be an easy win for him. I like Torres. He’s a fun fighter to listen to talk outside of the ring. I also dig it that he spent most of his career training himself in a small gym in Indiana.

Jon Jones TKOs Ryan Bader. I am ON BOARD the Bones Jones Train. I love this exciting and intense fighter. He’s the second fighter fighting tonight who’s only “loss” is a questionable (inadvertant) DQ. I don’t know what it is about Bader that prevents me from treating him as a legitimate contender. He is a good fighter, but, I just don’t see that killer edge or confident swagger that champs seem to have. Even reserved champs; GSP, Couture, Liddel, have a demeanor that strikes you like a winner. Bader doesn’t. I feel like Bader will probably be a champion at 205 someday, for a few months, but I don’t think anybody will ever consider him the best in the World. I do think people will feel that way about Jones.

Jake Ellenberger Vs. Carlos Eduardo Rocha is a fight A Lot more people would care about were GSP not such a dominant champ. Both of these 170s are top notch fighters you don’t know, because 170 is such a hard weight to earn a name for yourself in currently. Ellenberger was supposed to fight Fitch tonight, but now he’s scheduled to fight BJ Penn to a draw next month. I’m going to go with Rocha. He’s undefeated. All submissions. And he’s going up against a wrestling coach. Wrestlers are stubborn, and Ellenberger’s going to let himself get caught and choked out. Rocha did it to Kris McCray, and I think McCray is stronger than Ellenberger. Should be a fun fight.

Rich Franklin gets a decision over Forrest Griffen. Forrest Griffen has lost 3 of his last 4 fights. (I refuse to count the title fight he stole from Rampage.) Forrest is cool. And he’s fun. And his fight with Bonnar made the sport. But the fact is he was NEVER a great athlete, just a really tough dude, in an era where fighting did not draw top tier athletes. I like Forrest Griffen, but his best days are behind him, and I don’t think they were ever as good as people claimed they were. I don’t think Rich Franklin is an elite level fighter either, but I think he’s a smarter fighter who’s more attuned to his strengths than Forrest, and I think he’ll measure out a victory tonight.

Anderson Silva KOs Belfort. I will not bet against Anderson Silva. The only reason to bet against Anderson Silva this weekend is if there’s a mix-up and he has to play the Packers Sunday. If that IS the case: Green Bay by 14. If not. Bet on the Spider.

Submission of the Night: Carlos Eduardo Rocha

KO of the Night: Jon Jones

Fight of the Night: Silva Vs. Belfort

  1. isaac landfert says:

    i agree almost entirely. my only difference are that i’m picking ellenberger and forrest by dec. i also think silva belfort goes to a dec.

    vitor is only going to win any fight in the 1st round. only 6 of 19 wins have come after round 1. if vitor isn’t blowing out of the water he tends to wilt. he might drop anderson but probably not.

    you forgot demetrious johnson/ kid yamamoto. i’m picking the upset by johnson by dec.

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