UFC 125 predictions

Posted: January 2, 2011 in UFC

This card looks to be a sleeper card. I’m really hoping for something special. Not the best names, but this one really isn’t the UFC’s fault, Jose Aldo AND Shane Carwin had to pull out do to injury. Also, it’s got a Lightweight title fight that I guarantee to go 25 minutes and leave every fan unsatisfied except for former wrestlers who see Gray Maynard winning fights boringly as validating their sport that Nobody gives a shit about. Wrestlers are boring fighters and Gray Maynard’s THE WORST. Most people don’t know this, but Gray Maynard is not Gray Maynard’s actual name. It’s just the only adjective someone can use to describe his boring ass fighting style. Anyway, here are my predictions for tonight’s card:

1) Phil Baroni will get gassed and TKOd in the 2nd round by up-and-comer Tavares

2) featherweight fight between Josh Grisipi and Poirier should be an exciting chance for fight fans to see a good featherweight. Grisipi was supposed to have a title shot tonight, but Aldo was hurt. Grisipi should win this one soundly. Here’s hoping there’s a scene stealing moment.

3) Jeremy Stevens beats Marcus Davis in a decision. Stevens won his last fight, but the judges disagreed, he’ll turn it up a little more and beat this hard on who’s not from Ireland.

4) Clay Guida will spaz out for awhile until Gomi gets tired and chocked out by that idiot caveman in the 2nd.

5) Nate Diaz will win a decision over Dong-hyun. Dong’s getting pounded. Nate will win on the feat and provide interesting enough scrambles when he gets taken down to win the judges decision.

6) Thiago Silva should knock out Vera. Vera’s lost his last two, and will be fighting desperately. He’ll stray from his game, a measured and technical fight, and will get caught by the hard hitting Silva.

7) Lieben’s going to knock out Stann. WEC just doesn’t measure up to UFC. This champ will get knocked out by the UFC’s current hot middleweight to watch. I think Dana’s rewarding Lieben for some solid performances with a fight that he can put on his highlight reel.

8) Gray Maynard wins a boring wrestler’s decision over Frankie Edgar in a title fight that I couldn’t care much less about. Maynard’s great at not winning and stalling out referee’s victories. That what he’ll do tonight. He’s the bigger man here, and he IS a great wrestler. Hope you guys are up for 25 minutes of not fighting. I hope Edgar wins. I hope Edgar breaks Maynard’s Jaw. But he won’t. He’ll circle and get taken down for 5 rounds (he might win a couple with his hands late, but Maynard’s conditioning is probably super tough, enough to win this potential suck-fest.

Looking over the card I’m REALLY Hoping somebody stands up and surprises me, because this looks to be a disappointing card.

Submission of the Night: No clear favorite. My guess is… Diaz?

Knock Out of the Night: Chris Leiben

Fight of the Night: They’ll give it to Maynard/Edgar, I’ll get pissed and throw my drink at the screen, because it’s going to be boring as hell.

  1. isaac landfert says:

    my picks were awful for this card. just awful. i only picked 3 correctly.

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