MMA Match-Ups I’d like to see

Posted: December 16, 2010 in UFC

It’s my stupid “who would win” game. This time; UFC fighters. Ten fights, real fighters. (We’d all love to see Brock Lesnar fight Bill O’Reilley or Matt Hughes fight a bear, but lets keep this about fighting not about fantasy murder.)

1) Fedor Vs. Couture – These two men, and possibly Royce Gracie, are the greatest fighters I’ve ever seen. A great fighter is somebody who can beat a guy they shouldn’t be able to.  Both of these men have made careers doing just that; two of the biggest hearts and brightest minds ever in fighting. I know there are several guys in the UFC heavyweight division that could beat them today, as both are past their prime. But those guys are better athletes, not better fighters. I think these two could produce the greatest strategic match-up I’ve ever seen. Plus, I kind of feel like Couture’s earned this fight. A shot at the only other “legend” in the sport. He’s been a champ when he was the best, and a gatekeeper now that he’s not. I’d love to watch these warriors slug. I think Fedor’s too big for Couture, and would win, but I’m not sure. The Natural’s shocked me more than once.

2) Anderson Silva Vs. Couture – Same deal. I think Anderson Silva is Currently the best fighter alive, and I’d love to see him tested. He clearly has a weakness to dominant wrestlers and he gives up some size to Couture. I’d also like to see him fight Fedor for the same reason, but the size difference there might be too much for me to consider it a fair test.

3) Brett Rogers Vs. Roy Nelson – freak athlete with no game Vs freak game with no athlete. I’d really enjoy this fight. I’ll admit it, I’m partial to Roy “Big Belly” Nelson, and I think this Santa Claus look-a-like could get on top and “Big Brother” the Grim pretty easily. I think it would also do A Lot to validate the toughness of the UFC’s heavyweight division.

4) GSP Vs. Jake Shields – I’m kidding. NOBODY wants to see that fight.

5) Alistair Overeem Vs. Shane Carwin – The two hardest hitters in MMA, and the two most physically imposing fighters today. These two facing off would look like a screen shot from Street Fighter II. I really don’t know who’d win this. I haven’t seen how good of a wrestler Carwin really is, nor have I seen his chin. Lesnar could fill in on this fight, but I think his wrestling would dominate Overeem, and while I’d like to see it, I’d like to see this more.

6) Verdun Vs. Velasquez – You have to have a champ Vs. champ fight, but I’m not going to lie, I don’t think Verdun could stand up to the first round of Velasquez’s assault. Then again, I didn’t think he could tap Fedor, so who knows?

7) Rampage Jackson Vs. Anderson Silva – Silva’s always looking for somebody to bring the fight to him, that’s what Rampage does best! Two of my favorite fighters, this is a fight that COULD happen, and I really hope it does.

8) James Toney Vs. Herschel Walker – I know this is a goofy match to put on a dream card, because neither of these ex-athletes are ever going to be great fighters, but I’d like to see it. I have a bias against boxers. I wrestled when I was young, and I was always sure a good wrestler would kill a good boxer in a real fight. I’d like to see how a boxer handles a guy who’s just a bigger stronger, more athletic dude. I think Walker wins. I think it would take some of the gleam off of boxing that I’ve seen through for years.

9) Jon “Bones” Jones Vs. Rashad Evans – Jones IS who Rashad claims to be. Young, flashy, tough, and exciting. I’d love to watch Jones replace the old model.

10) Jose Aldo AND Uriah Faber Vs. Brock Lesnar – Okay, so it would never pass, but man I’d like to see it. Day of fight I’ll wager the duo outweighs Lesnar by 30 lbs, but Lesnar’s been that much bigger than opponents before. I don’t know what would happen. Can a tough little dude choke out that tree trunk neck? if Lesnar rushes one can it be immediately assumed that now it’s just a one-on-monster fight? I’ll predict this. Put them in a ring today, I’m going with the gorilla. Give the two little guys time to train how to fight together and they’ll win. (The Diaz brothers, who are part wild dog, would inherently know how to fight as a pack and kill any man in this scenario.)

Anyway, those are fights I’d like to see. Not all of them. But some of them. Tell me what you think. And tell me any you’ve thought of.

  1. Caleb says:

    I just typed out a huge response and it deleted for some reason so here’s the short version:
    Couture is too smart for Silva but the Fedor fight would be sweet
    I’d rather watch Roy Nelson fight a stack of Taco Bell Big Box Meals than an actual person
    I want to see GSP literally murder Jake Shields because I think Jake Shields is a pussy
    Overeem and Carwin would probably be a good fight but I think they both might be on roids
    Cain would kill Verdun
    I’d really love to see Rampage and Silva
    Why the cool shades smiley?
    I hate Rashad Evans. A lot
    Give those two a month and as long as Lesnar doesn’t swallow one of them whole at the outset, it would be a great match and a huge ratings booster
    Actual fights I’d like to see:
    Torres and Faber
    Penn and Fitch (soon)
    Fictional fights I’d like to see:
    Faber with his hands behind his back against Matt Sattison
    GSP against any 250 lb guy with no formal training that says he can beat him because he’s been in a couple bar fights
    Faber against the same guy
    Brock Lesnar right now against Mark Kerr circa 1997. This is my all time favorite fantasy fight. Kerr was a fucking madman and I would love to see Lesnar actually look scared

  2. Caleb says:

    This is my third time trying to leave a comment so you’re getting the condensed version
    Couture is old but him and Fedor would be a sweet fight. He’s way too smart for Silva though
    I’d rather watch Roy Nelson fight a stack of Taco Bell Big Box meals than a human
    I’d love to watch GSP murder Jake Shields
    Overeem and Carwin would be a great fight to watch. Both are on roids I think
    Cain would pummel Verdun I think
    Rampage and Silva needs to happen asap
    What the hell is with the cool shades smiley?
    I hate Rashad Evans. Seriously
    The last fight would be incredible to watch. Give those two a month to get ready and it’s a fair match. Unless Lesnar swallows one of them whole right away
    Actual fights I’d like to see:
    Miguel Torres and Urijah Faber
    BJ Penn and Jon Fitch (soon)
    Fantasy fights I’d like to see:
    Faber with his hands behind his back against Matt Sattison
    GSP against any 250 lb guy with no formal training who thinks he tough shit because he’s been in a couple bar fights
    Lesnar now against Mark Kerr circa 1997. All time favorite imaginary fight. Kerr was a fucking madman and I think it would be nice to see Lesnar legitimately scared of someone

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