News and Notes on the UFC

Posted: December 15, 2010 in UFC

I haven’t had a post in a while, and for that, I’m sorry. I will just touch on what I took from the last few UFCs

UFC 122: My predictions weren’t bad. I was wrong about Okami losing, but I stand by my assertion that Asians over 155 can’t fight. Boring, boring fight. Okami is a blanket, not a fighter. Still Boo to Nate Marquardt for not beating him.

Amir and Krzystof both won fights that they should have.

Noke’s tougher than I thought he was.

Andre Winner’s as weak as I thought he was.

Matyushenko showed me he CAN end a fight… so long as they make him fight a guy who’s never been in the UFC and is 6 inches shorter than him.

The biggest story of this card was the fight that didn’t happen, Jorge Rivera VS Sakara will be awesome, I hope they reschedule it soon.

UFC 123: I was working this fight and had to have my girlfriend txt me results as they happened. She’s a pretty terrific girlfriend.

Dennis Hallman beat Karo Parisyan in an upset I did not see coming. How do I not know Dennis Hallman? This guy beat Matt Hughes TWICE! I’m glad to see he’s back in the UFC and I hope to see more of him. He’s a wrestler, but he’s a wrestler who fights to put you down, and that’s awesome. I dig him.

Speaking of Hughes, he got dropped HARD by B.J. Penn. (I watched this replay a couple of times) Penn looked tough, tougher than I’ve seen him look in awhile. While he was terrific at 155, I think 170 might be a place that affords a dude with the athleticism of Penn a little more room for some muscle; muscle he clearly knows how to put to work.

Sotiropoulos showed us he was the real deal when he tapped Lauzon. I continually discredit these Aussies, and they’re making me look stupid. I’m going to have to change my position.

Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis beat a solid dude in Boetsch. I’ve got a soft spot for wrestlers with heavy hands, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of this guy.

The Falcoa fight was a mess. Bad reffing, bad production, bad fighting. I think this guy’s the real deal. He’s beaten up a ton of Brazillians and he beat a stud in taking out Gerald Harris. Now, Let Me Bitch About Dana White Firing Gerald Harris.  After the fight, Harris got axed. Normally, that’s fine. Business is Business. But this guy did NOT have a firing coming. This dude beat 3 solid fighters. Two earning him KO of the Night. That means, 50% of his fights were Knock Out of the Night! One of those wasn’t even a punch! It was a slam. I think ANY Fight fan will tell you, and non headshot Knock-out is probably the BEST way for a fight to end. And Dana fires this guy for one boring fight? This guy that has filled in on a couple of occasions. This guy that fought and won ONE week after his brother died in motorcycle wreck. I know you buy fighters, not stories, but this dude’s both. And he should NOT be canned.

Finally, let me say how happy I am Rampage won over Machida. I didn’t think Quinton had a shot. And to be fair. It wasn’t a great fight, but I love Rampage, and I’m glad he won. Machida’s amazing, but he IS a counter fighter, maybe the most Counter-y of counter fighters, and that can lead to some boring exchanges for sure. This fight, it did. That sucks. Still, I’ll take the Rampage victory. This also kind of redeems the Jackson loss to Rashad Evans. Evans got knocked out hard by Machida, and Machida couldn’t beat Jackson. I hope those two get another match. I want to see Evans and Jackson fight. And I want to see a real winner.

The Ultimate Fighter Finale- First of all. Congratulations Jonathon Brookins. You’re a stud. I hope I see more of you. What a charming and talented fighter. Ihope he improves his hands. I hope he stays around awhile. I love this kid. He fights well, he thinks straight, he’s a neat guy. He’s also one of the ugliest humans I”ve ever seen. He’s so ugly he kind of circles around and comes back to handsome. He’s interesting looking. He’s the counter-point to the arguement that mixed race people are cute. Sure. Sometimes you’ll get Halle Berry, sometimes you’ll get this weird troll. He and Doc Rivers’ kids should open up a support group for hideous misadventures in inter-racial coupling. Sweet Jesus that badass is ugly. I hope I’ll see more of him everywhere.

The rest of this card was pretty shitty. Bonnar doesn’t deserve to co-headline anything. How is him fighting a nobody relevant? I don’t know.

Damian Maia beat Kendal Grove… I’m starting to dismiss Grove entirely. He’s really tall, and that will pose a challenge to some fighters, but he’s not an elite level fighter anymore, and I’m not so sure he ever really was.

I was bummed to see Hendricks get beat, like I said, I like heavy handed wrestlers, but he got beat fair, and for a wrestling match, these guys kept it pretty interesting.

I’ve never seen a crowd HATE a decision the way they hated Nam Phan losing to Leonard Garcia. That was pretty intense. And pretty bad judging.

I also have to say that Cody McKenzie winning AGAIN by guillotine is amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it. This kid might be a legit fighter, I hope so. I will watch again.

UFC 124- I’ll tell you what I won’t watch again. A GSP fight. I’m done. I’m finished with GSP. Is he a great fighter?

yes. maybe the best.

Do I want to watch him fight?

no. no I don’t.

GSP is on an impressive streak. 24 rounds without a win. That’s how I’m looking at it. He’s had 24 rounds since his last knockout or submission. True. B.J. Penn didn’t answer the bell for the last round in their fight. So… I guess it’s not a decision, but between you and me… that’s a decision. GSP didn’t end the fight. He had somebody else decide he was the winner. Don’t get me wrong. Not all fight’s can have a knock-out, nor should they. A good decision is a beautiful thing to watch when two fighters are really trying to give it there all. BUT, that’s not what GSP’s last couple of fights have been. GSP simply outclasses both Dan Hardy and Josh Koshchek. He could have and SHOULD HAVE ended those fights. But he didn’t. He fought conservatively and, in my oppinion, cowardly. He didn’t want to lose his title, so he put in just enough to win. He knows he can outlast them, which is important. But it’s boring. It’s not fighting. And I’m not watching.

GSP fights like he doesn’t like violence. Which is awesome in real life. That’s admirable on the street. If GSP doesn’t want to snap some dudes arm at the bar, that’s great, but when you’re in the octagon and you’re fighting for MY dollar, bring a little more GSP. I don’t want to watch you not win.

Does ANYBODY want to see him and Jake Shields not finish a fight for 25 minutes? I fucking don’t.

The rest of that card was good.

Alves Vs. Howard was a slugfest I loved. A GREAT Decision. Those dudes fought like they gave a shit about winning.

Jim Miller shocked my by tapping Charles Oliveira, a dude I really thought was going to be a dominant prescence at Lightweight. This Jim Miller Is a STUD! I honestly believe that if he had a more marketable name, this guy would already have had a title shot. I think he suffers a bit from the boring affliction, and it hurts his rank, but make no mistake, this guy’s a killer. His brother Dan won too, but Dan Miller isn’t going to matter in the future. At least not until he learns to get out from under people.

I hated seeing Hazlette lose, as he’ll probably get axed now, but hey, if you’re not winning, what do you expect the UFC to do? Bocek looked good doing it too.

Mac Danzig had a beautiful knock out of Joe Stevenson. Which is good. No fighter at lightweight should have the nickname “Daddy.” Daddy’s a big-guy nickname. Like Hauss or Tiny. Fuck Joe Stevenson. The guys over-rated. But Mac Danzig is not. That guy’s as tough as his name sounds. I also like it when kind of dorky dudes are badasses, and Mac strikes me as kind of nerdy. I hope this Vegan can keep it up. I LOVE seeing knock out at light weights, and I’m not so sure this guy couldn’t even go lighter than Lightweight. If he does… maybe I’ll have somebody to give a shit about at 145, because currently, I do not.

And Finally, the Heavyweight fight they threw on this card was fun to watch as well, but it had NO BUSINESS being the co-main event. A dude with his 2nd UFC fight fighting essentially a freakshow fighter? The 6’11” Struve fighting the 6’8″ McCorkle was cool, and Struve looked good in his win (McCorkle didn’t look bad in his loss) But this is not a co-main event. Dudes like Miller or Alves, former champs and contenders should be pissed that these goofballs got top billing. At least I think they ought to.

Anyway, that’s a lot, but there’s been a lot of fighting going on. I haven’t even talked about the Amazing K-1 tornament this weekend, or the story about my dad punching a woman. But I hope this catches folks up on my take in the UFC currently. Tell me anything you think I missed, or anything you think I’m wrong about…but I’m warning you; I’m really really smart.


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