UFC 122 predictions

Posted: November 12, 2010 in UFC

We have two UFCs coming up in the next two weekends. I‘m excited about the fights, but I do feel like there’s a lack of structure in the UFC. Free fights need different names. I think it makes the fights hard to follow, and I think it degrades the name of UFC a little bit. I don’t like seeing UFC # whatever the fuck. Makes it seem silly. I feel that better structure and organization would improve the current MMA world more than anything lacking in the cage. People don’t know when fights are on, and people don’t know when re-runs are on. I don’t want to sound ungrateful, I LOVE the free fight, and it’s a really good card, but until the UFC gets more organized, MMA will remain a fringe sport. Anyway, that’s just my grouching, here are my picks for this week’s awesome card:

UFC 122

Marquardt beats Okami- Unanimous Decision two pretty tough dudes whose last losses came from Chael “Cheater” Sonnen. I like Marquardt, because this is a fight at 185 and Asians bigger than lightweight get beat. If Marquardt doesn’t end this early with his giant punch, I expect a ground and pound trade until the end, that Marquardt will get the better of.

Amir Sadollah submits Peter Sobatta in match that’s the most fun to say of the night. Amir is kind of a UFC personality. He does analysis and hosts segue ways. He’s likable. I don’t think he’s an amazing fighter. I think the match makers are giving him a pretty easy fight to win and remain relevant so people like him. I’m not impressed with Sobatta.

Soszynski TKOs Relic-Soszynski lost a match to Bonnar that he shouldn’t have. He overlooked Bonnar (having man-handled him in the previous no contest) and it came back to bite him in the ass. I think he’ll come out angry and hungry and stomp Relic, a guy who looks to be on a decline.

Krauss Vs Scanlon is an exciting fight I know nothing about. 2 new guys who are undefeated and have not had to go to decision yet. I don’t care who wins this. I’m excited. I’ll guess Krauss just because his nickname is Panzer, and I think it sounds tough.

Osipczak submits Ludwig- Ludwig’s sloppy. Fun, but sloppy. Slugger’s at 155 are a bad move. They’re too little to finish fights, and he’ll get caught in something easy.

Rivera TKOs Sakara- El Conquistador Vs. Legionarius This fight should be dynamite. I really like how both of these guys are fighting right now. I’m going to go with Rivera just because he’s got the crazy eyes. That’s it. Son of a bitch looks NUTS.

Siver gets a decision over Winner – I’m not sold on Winner. I think Siver’s a strong lightweight and can take Winner down enough to get a win.

Kimmons decision over Noke- Noke’s tough, but I don’t think he can finish Kimmons on the feet and will be unable to get anything on the ground. As this is a fight where both will be looking to make a name, they’ll try to stand up, and I think Kimmons is quicker with his hands than Noke.

Matyushenko beats Ferriera- Decision. Ferriera’s a 5’7” light heavy that loves the ground. Matyshenko won’t be uncomfortable there, and will land enough strikes from the ground and on his feet to get the judges’ nod as winner. I am looking forward to watching that little tree trunk fight though. If I had to predict worst fight of the night (not a lightweight) I’d pick this one.

Petruzelli Knocks Out Vemolla- Neither guy has one in the UFC. I’m going to go with the one I think is more likely to get fired if he loses, just because he’s more desperate. Plus his nickname is Silverback. And I love gorillas.

McCray TKOs Rocha – I like McCray, aggressive and tough over newcomer Rocha. It’s wrestling Vs BJJ and I’ll typically take wrestling, especially if the guys good at punching while he’s on top, and McCray is.

Fight of the night: Rivera/Sakara

Knock Out of the night: Krauss

Submission of the night: Amir Sadollah

  1. isaac landfert says:

    i agree on most.

    marquardt/okami is a tough one. i’m leaning to okami by a wrestling shutdown decision

    sodallah by sub in 2

    i think relic gasses and gets tko’d by krystof in the 2nd or 3rd

    i’m picking krauss to win by flipping a coin. it’s hard to say. i’m hoping these 2 give each other their first big test. i’m thinking 1st decision for both men’s records.

    slick nich subs luwig for sure. i don’t know how dwane got back in the ufc. maybe the affliction buy out?

    i guess sakara pulled out. i had jorge winning by rage and fury in 2.

    noke, vladdy, vemolla and rocha all by dec. i’m picking agaisnt mccray and the silverback mostly becasue i don’t like to wath them. mccray may improve though.

    if we’re picking bonuses i’d say

    the 2 new undefeated dudes get fight of the night

    ko would have been rivera but now will be soszynski

    and you’re right with amir getting the sub

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