Follow up to my previous O’Reilly Post.

Posted: October 30, 2010 in Politics

As I said in my last post, the issue of building a mosque at Ground Zero is incredibly upsetting to me. Not because I care about the mosque, but because I hate the religious right trying to pretend we all believe they way they do or that they’re in charge.

I don’t. And they’re not.

I’m not “less American” because I don’t believe the same nonsense that they do. And neither are Muslims.

And fuck you for making me stick up for Islam. Islam sucks.

But that isn’t valid reason to prevent this mosque from being built. Some Americans are Muslims. And I love Muslim Americans exactly the same amount as I love any other Idiot American. Just enough to leave them alone.

This isn’t about the war on terror. It’s about you just not liking Islam. Muslims in Manhattan aren’t terrorists. In fact, I’d say the 3 -5% of N.Y. that is Muslim is probably our best defense against Islamic Terrorists. Remember a few months ago when those goofy militiamen in the Midwest wanted to kill a cop, then, kill all the cops at that cop’s funeral?

You know who turned them in?

Less crazy militiamen.

Guys who might hate our government and want to change it, but they still feel connected to it enough to not kill innocent people in their quest. The Muslims in Manhattan are our allies in the same way. They’re “us.” Maybe a different “us” than your social circle, but still “us.”

If you aren’t willing to accept people who want to become part of our mainstream culture, you’re just saying you don’t like what they believe. You don’t want Islam to be part of America because you see it as a threat to your beliefs.

That’s stupid.

People having different beliefs don’t change or dilute yours. Allowing people to believe something is a sign of strength. It shows that your beliefs are strong enough to not be shaken by the fact that others don’t agree with you. You’re just justifying the dickheads who want to push America into war. Dickheads on both sides.

Stupid people love war. That’s because they’re good at it. Idiots are great at getting shot. It gives them purpose. Stupid people rely on groups to give them their identity. And few groups are more willing to accept members than religions.

The Middle East is an angry war-minded area full of angry war-minded states. Some governments or organizations in charge of those states have co-opted religion into their military designs. That’s gross, but it can happen with any religion. Even Buddhists. Buddhist created Kung-Fu. You don’t get really good at hitting people in the face to NOT hit people in the face. Atheists too. Stalin’s atheists killed as many people as Hitler’s Catholics. It’s something we have to make sure Can’t happen in America.

The Republican Party’s simultaneous push for Christian Values and Military Spending is unsettling. But I won’t say that it is the same thing, because it isn’t. At least not yet.

I know not every religious person is stupid, but I do think that stupid people are the “best” at being religious. It’s easy not to question things when you don’t understand stuff. It’s important that intelligent believers don’t let their fears or distaste for other faiths overpower their values. Fear and Hate aren’t values.

People used to not want the Catholics in America for similar reasons that they don’t want Muslims now. They didn’t like a group of people with different beliefs and loyalties. They didn’t trust them. I still kind of don’t, but I wouldn’t question their right to be here.

And guess what. When I mock their beliefs,

those stupid ass Papists have to take it.

I hate Islam the same way. I think anybody who can support a religion where some members kill people for making fun of its prophet is an idiot. That’s a hateful and stupid belief system. But if they live here, I can make fun of them. That’s my favorite thing to do. Making fun of idiots who believe in Magic. That is part of my core beliefs.

I think it keeps us honest.

Attacking the religion isn’t the answer. We don’t fight for “our” way of life by disallowing different beliefs. We do it by remaining smart and fair, even when we don’t like it.

We do it by living by our principles, not by our habits.

We do it by Being good, not by just believing we are.

I do not agree with Islam. But I’m not going to be afraid of it.

Islam will never overtake America. Ever.

We love our freedom too much.

And I won’t let our freedom be jeopardized: Not by Them. Not by You. And Not by Us.

When we start acting stupid and hateful, we’d better look around and re-evaluate who “We” are. I’m a God-Damn American. I’m strong and I’m smart and I’m good looking. And I belong Anywhere. Not just where people feel and look like me.


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