UFC notes, 121 predictions

Posted: October 23, 2010 in UFC

News and notes for the last few UFCs:

            The last couple of UFCs have been pretty fun to watch, if not overly relevant. 119 was a lousy card, but I get it. Indiana has nothing to do, so why would the UFC waste good fights on a captive audience.

The main event was dull, some of the earlier fights were great to watch. I’ll just hit the highlights.

Dunham got screwed over hard. It’s honestly the worst decision I’ve ever seen in UFC.

The call was so bad I actually suspect corruption. I don’t think the fights are fixed, as in, I don’t think fighters throw fights. But I don’t think that anything with as much money on the line as UFC has is never fully on the level.

Dunham was undefeated and looked to be a future star, I’m sure the UFC wants to see a stud put on exciting fights. He didn’t, and I think he got punished for it.

Perhaps I’m a bit of a conspiracy theorist; maybe I’m suspect of anything I can’t understand. And I cannot understand how anybody could have watched that fight and given the win to that meathead Sherk.

I was glad to see Lytle beat Serra. I think it’s cool to see a fighter get better, especially an older fighter. While I think Serra’s best days are behind him, I’m starting to like the guy. I always kind of took him as an idiot guido, but I’m starting to really like him. He’s a guy who really really loves the sport. He doesn’t need the money, and he doesn’t need the fame. He fights to test himself, and, for a little Brooklyn Guido, he’s a surprisingly sharp and likable. I’m shocked to be rooting for the guy. I hope he sticks around awhile in the sport, even if he’s not climbing up the ladder anymore.

I was very happy to see Crocop get knocked out. I hate that Dirty Europe Pig.

I’ve never understood why Dana White kept feeding him pussies. He hasn’t put on a good fight in the UFC and Dana just kept giving him chumps. I think Dana has a crush on him. I hope he’s finally over it.

I don’t give a shit if he was a badass in Pride, you put him in a cage and he takes a beating. I hope watching that douche go down broke his heart, and I hope that knee broke his jaw.

I might just hate cops.

120 wasn’t a great card either, but it was free, and I like seeing the UFC expand its market.

First off, the biggest surprise I saw was Joe Rogan Narcing out Cheik Congo for grabbing Browne’s trunks all night.

Did anybody else notice  that?

I know Congo was doing it, sure, but Rogan was absolutely tattling on Congo. It was almost embarrassing. I love Rogan, I think he’s one of the best announcers in any sport, but wholly shit. What a Narc!

I felt like Joe was personally offended. Maybe he just hates Frenchmen.

Dan Hardy had the best post fight interview I’ve ever seen.

“What went wrong?”

“I got punched in the Head.”

Beautiful. I became a Hardy fan right there. But I also became a fan of the guy that hit him. Condit looked awesome, and did what GSP couldn’t do, made Hardy stop. It was awesome.

Bisping beat Akiyama. I think it meant nothing.

First of all, let me say. I have no use for Asian fighters over 155 lbs.

They’re not tough enough for the UFC. A 185 lbs man’s a big Asian, he’s a small American. He tries to fight the power game, and has lost, badly, to two fighters who are good, but not top tier fighters.

Bisping is a weird fighter for me to talk about too. He’s a great boxer, like a bunch of Brits are. He is Amazing on his feet.

It’s not his hands that are so awesome, but his feet. He has awesome footwork. But I’m going to argue that he’s the British equivalent to a Lay-and-Pray American Wrestler. He’s a Poke-and-Hope fighter. He’ll jab away and out point a fighter, but he will not seal the deal. He’s not trying to win, he’s trying to look good until the Ref tells him it’s over.

I will agree that punching is more fun to watch than wrestling. But I don’t want to see this boring boxing replace boring wrestling. I want fighters to try and end fights.

I realize they can’t end all of them, but I wish they’d at least try to. That’s what fighting is about, trying to make the other guy quit, not waiting for the judges to say you won.

If I’m going to talk about what’s going on in the UFC  right now, I have to talk about how great The Ultimate Fighter is this season. I had no love for this season going in. I think 155 lls is the most boring weightclass in the UFC, and I think GSP is the most boring character in the UFC.

I was wrong on both counts.

Typically I hate it when a team runs away with it, I still find myself rooting for Team Koschek at the beginning of every episode. For about 2 minutes. Until that douchebag talks and I’m like,

“Oh yeah, fuck that idiot.”

I’m fine with watching GSP dominate him. But I stand by my statement last UFC post: If GSP does not finish that dolt, I’ll never pay for another card he fights on.

I’m sick of GSP’s boring measured fights.

My favorite thing about this week though wasn’t Koschek’s team getting beat and him getting all sad eyed (and then poutingly applying his chapstick), or that lovable yokel Cody choking out a meathead wrestler idiot in 20 seconds(but that was Awesome), or even Brookins amazing choke out and cool Zen philosophy (which was really impressive and he’s now my favorite new fighter).

No, my favorite part was that Armenian getting beat. I hated that douche. I hate the “crazy guy.”

“I’m a short fuse you better not mess with me.”

No, I better not mess with you because you’re a trained fighter. You don’t have to show me how mad you are at your dad you toolbox. Just fucking fight.

(To be fair, I’m not certain if it was this guy or Sako, the next fighter, but I’m pretty sure it was this guy I hated)

A few episodes ago Bruce Leroy got a little mouthy. I’m not a huge fan, but whatever. Savek gets all stupid and puffy-chested, and Leroy behaves intelligently. He stands his ground and tells him to shut up.

Savek charges around like he’s going to do something. He didn’t really want to do something, that was obvious. He just thought he could scare Leroy, which he didn’t.

He wanted to bump chests and have people break it up. He flipped out like he couldn’t contain his rage, but when he stormed around the table and Leroy didn’t flinch, he sure wasn’t so hot to throw hands then. He acted stupid. He waited until somebody wrapped their hands around his waist to go all psycho. After he knew he couldn’t do anything. What a bitch.

What failed male insecure punk behavior. Chest bumping is for pussies. If he’d have wanted to hit Leroy, he’d have marched around the table and socked him. But he didn’t. He wanted to posture. I’m glad the yoga-practicing dude choked him out. I could watch pussy chest-bumpers get choked out all day.

Finally I have a couple quick predictions for tonight’s fights:

Madsen beats Yvel, Yvel has zero ground.

Chris Camozzi beats Dong Yi Yang, it’s hard for me to root against a fellow dude with a penis name, but Asians over 155 I won’t bet on.

Paul Taylor of Sam Stout. Toss up. Like the taller striker in a striker match.

Danile Roberts over Mike Guymon. I think Roberts is coming into his own as a fighter.

Cote beats Lawlor. Tough call. whoever losses here probably leaves the UFC. So they’ll both be bringing it.

McGee over Jensen. I think McGee is fighting with a sense of belonging. He’ll win.

Shaub over Gonzaga. I think Gonzaga looks worse everytime I see him.

Matt The Hamma Hamma beats Ortiz. Ortiz will never beat a top fighter again.

Paulo Thiago beats Diego Sanchez I kind of hate Diego Sanchez. I might be voting with my gut not my head. But Sanchez has been jumping around weight classes, and that’s never good for a fighter.

 Jake Shields beats Martin Kampmann. This fight can go two ways. If Jake’s smart, he’ll win like he wins every fight. A boring ass wrestler’s decision. He’ll take him down and dominate until the ref stands him up and declares he’s the winner. He’ll have know fans except for wrestler’s who like pretending their sport is fun to watch. It isn’t. but it does win fights.

Brock Lesnar is going to crush Cain Velasquez.

I have no idea how anybody is saying this is a great match-up. Lesnar is too big.

He has 30 lbs on Cain, and while Cain’s a stud. He’s too little to handle that much monster.

There needs to be another wait class around 230 lbs. It was one thing when the sport was young, and big guys weren’t athletes, but now, things are different. Lesnar is a 265 pound specimen.

Heavyweight is the only weightclass where people who aren’t the same size fight. I’m going to bet on the stud that has to cut weight to fight there over the stud who doesn’t. Lesnar overwhelms Cain, who might be a better fighter, but Lesnar’s just too big.

Anyway. Those are my picks.

  1. isaac landfert says:

    – dunham got it hard for sure. i love a good conspiracy/corruption story but i think it’s just that judges are horrible. this sport is too young and the old man boxing judges don’t get it. or you get crappy karate dudes (cecil peoples) that say things like “leg kicks don’t do damage. watch aldo/faber, cecil, you idiot. thats why i’m getting my license. maybe things will change in the next 5-10 years. although boxing judging still sucks.

    -lytle and serra are both great guys for the mid card. lytle may even get a “here you go pal” title shot is they run out of real contenders.

    -joe rogan was narcing hard. sometimes during boring fights her just becomes the frustrated guy sitting next to you on the couch.

    -this TUF season is really good. cody choking that dick out inj 6 sec was amazing. i’m furious they’ve let that guy back in. he lost in 6 seconds! i ddin’t realize i could hate a man i don’t know as much as koscheck. i know editng can create a character but god damn i hate him. he is an idiot. when he’s picking on the medic he says, ‘why he even talking? he’s not a fighter. dude, i’ll knock you out.” yeah, because we’re gorrillas and if i can’t beat you ina fight i should cower form you.

    -i agreed with your fight pics other than the main event. i think the reason heavy weight will stay a division with such a huge gap in weight is becasue of the huge gap in talent. gonzaga had a title shot once because he beat cro cop, who hasn’t been good in years. (yes, dana loves cro cop fro some reason)tim sylvia was champ lie 3 or 4 times. arlovski was champ 3 times. lesnar was champ in 4 fights, he’s amazing but we learned where his actually skills are in his last 2 fights. i think cain is the 1st hot prospect hw champ the ufc’s ever had. did you nkow no ufc hw champ has eve defended the title more than 2 times?

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