Who killed whom? Language is important.

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Politics

They’re building a Mosque in Manhattan. It’s a couple of blocks away from where the World Trade Center was. Before terrorists knocked the buildings down with airplanes, and killed around 3,000 people. I don’t really care about the Mosque, but a lot of people are really pissed off about it.

That’s the worst thing about idiots; they make it hard for me to be an asshole.

Don’t make me stick up for Islam. I hate Islam. But I hate big groups of scared idiots even more.

Last week Bill O’Reilly was on TV talking to some angry ladies and the bartender from Star Trek.

He said Muslims can’t build their Mosque in Manhattan. He said, “Muslims killed us on 9/11.”

He omitted the word “Extremist” or “Terrorist” from his statement.

He knew what he was doing. Bill O’Reilly’s not an idiot. But sweet Jesus, he’s an asshole.

He was fostering anti-Muslim sentiment. 

He wasn’t wrong in his statement; nobody’s arguing that the terrorists weren’t Muslim. They were, but he was being intellectually dishonest. I don’t know if he was intentionally being deceptive, but I do know he was intentionally pandering to the stupid and hateful, and that’s just as bad.

Labeling somebody with an adjective that doesn’t pertain to what your mad about makes people link that adjective with the discussion.

Have you ever seen the movie “Deliverance?”

It’s one of my dad’s favorites. A while ago I heard him talking about it. When he got to the “You got a purdy mouth” scene dad said:

“And they get caught by these fellas in the woods, and well… they’re gay.”

Now, I think we all understand that those hillbillies in the movie aren’t antagonists because they’re gay. They’re antagonists because they rape Burt Reynold’s pudgy buddy in the ass. That’s the problem, not their orientation. My father, god-bless him, thinks all gay guys are weird creepy deviants. And his language, while not incorrect, signifies that.

My dad doesn’t like gay guys. You can tell by how he talks. (please don’t judge my dad. I love the idiot.)

O’Reilly doesn’t’ like Muslims. You can tell by how he talks. (feel free to judge O’Reilly, I hate the asshole.)

That’s his right, to not like Muslims. Fuck, I don’t like Muslims. I think it’s a misogynistic, backwards and dangerous belief system. But it’s not okay to pretend that the language isn’t loaded, especially when it’s used in discussion about something as heated as Religion and Terror.

Anybody trying to argue that people are attacking Bill O’Reilly’s right to free speech is wrong. But he’ll claim that, because it elicits an emotional response from his audience.

They’ll claim they’re being persecuted. Idiots love playing the victim because you’re allowed to be stupid in that role. But the fact is you can’t say something like that, and then also say you’re okay with Muslims.

Well, you can, it just makes you a liar.

Presenting factual statements in a dishonest fashion to push an agenda is manipulative. Bill O’Reilly used his word choice to reinforce his audience’s beliefs and anger.

I did the same thing in the example I used. I said “Hillbilly” to describe the rapists in “Deliverance.” That wasn’t pertinent to the argument. You know why I did that? Because I don’t like hillbillies. See? I’m an asshole. But I’m honest.

Another scumbag thing O’Reilly did was closing the statement with “Us.” Saying “Us” at the end of a statement that starts with Muslims makes it sound like Muslims are “Them.”

Now I know when O’Reilly said “Us” he meant Americans. But that’s not what he said. And what he said implies that Muslims aren’t Americans. Now, I’m not Muslim. I’m very happy about that, but somewhere around 2 – 3% of us are.

You might say, “That’s not very many,”


They’re still as American as you or me, or even Bill O’Reilly.

When he talks like that he reinforces the idea that they either aren’t, or that they shouldn’t be. But he doesn’t have the balls to say it.

It also pushes the notion that all Americans kind of resemble Bill O’Reilly.

I don’t want to turn this into a conversation about race or racism. Too many people get called a racist for being honest. I wouldn’t call Bill O’Reilly either one of those things.

But I will say Bill O’Reilly appeals primarily to white guys, and I think he panders to their baser insecurities.

He draws a world of “Us” and “Them,” and the “Them” look different. (I realize that Islam is a religion, not a race, but if I handed you a box of 8 crayons and asked you to draw a Muslim, I think we’d both use the brown one.)

Speaking like that is detrimental to America.

Foreigners attacked us on 9/11. People from the Middle East who hate us did that, not people from the Middle East who moved here to seek a better life.

Those people are Americans. And they got attacked too. I’ll wager they’ve suffered more from those attacks than I did. Those attacks by terrorists didn’t make anybody hate me.

Except maybe a few idiots who thought I didn’t get mad enough;

because I didn’t want to  go fight people who didn’t do it.

So I don’t care if American Muslims want to worship a few blocks from where World Trade Center was. I don’t care where anybody wants to practice their magic.

Don’t sell me the “It’s insensitive to the families who lost loved ones on 9/11” Bullshit argument.

You’re not that sensitive.

That’s just an argument you know is hard to refute. That’s a pussy-ass way to justify your beliefs.

Remember when the 9/11 widows protested the Bush Regime’s push to war, and idiots on the right lambasted them as traitors?

Remember when that rag-monster Ann Coulture accused them of rejoicing in their husbands’ deaths?

Where was O’Reilly’s concern for the families’ feelings when he was out-shouting that kid who’s dad died in the attacks because he wasn’t falling in step with his Pro-War ratings push?

Hiding behind victims for your own cause is both stupid and cowardly. Anybody who tries to further their own agenda behind the guise of it being for the good of others can suck my cock.

Scratch that, I don’t want people worrying this piece’s real intent was getting O’Reilly to blow me.

In my next post I’ll tell you why the Mosque’s a good idea even though I don’t like Islam. Radical or Otherwise. But I think I’m going to end on that bit about O’Reilly blowing me.

  1. Jared S says:

    Who killed Whom? Language is important, DJ!!! I’m just fucking with you. Nice article. Totally agree.

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