UFC 119 predictions.

Posted: September 25, 2010 in UFC

Alright, so I’m kind of dogging it on this entry. I just got back from telling jokes in the city, and tomorrow I’m helping a guy move. So tonight I’m just going to do something I’d typically do anyway. I’m going to make my predictions for tonight’s UFC Pay-Per-View. I’ll give my favorites, and how I think each match will go down.

First off though, let me just say that this is a weak PPV. As far as star-power goes, this is the worst PPV in a long time. I really feel like my home state is getting hosed. This is the UFC’s first time to Indiana, and they seem like they’re not too excited to be there. I can’t blame them but still, it’s lousy of them. It’ll sell out though, because people have nothing else to do. I hope they get to see some great fights.


Sean “Big Sexy” McCorkle Vs Mark “Super Samoan” Hunt (Heavyweight)

Battle of the coolest nicknames. This is a tough one. These guy’s haven’t fought in the UFC, so I’m really just going off of style and stats. Both of these guys are huge, all of the top limit 265lbs. McCorkle’s rel tall, at 6’7” (a full two meters!) and practices BJJ. Hunt is a former K-1 tree trunk. This should be fun to watch. I like the K-1 guys, especially at Heavyweight, but here I’m going to go with the long new guy. Hunt is a K-1 Grand Prix champ, but it was 9 years ago. McCorkle’s a new guy fighting in his hometown. I’m going to side on him using his long arms to win with a rear naked choke.


Julio “The Dominican Demon” Paulino VS TJ Grant (Welterweight)

Awesome nicknames in the Prelims! This is a weird fight. Paulino is BJJ guy best known for is strength over his technique, and Grant is a wrestler, best known for getting crushed by better wrestlers. I’m going to go with the Demon, but probably just because of his awesome name. I think Grant will be embarrassed by his last showing, getting dominated by the better wrestler Johnny Hendricks, and come out wrecklessly. Then get caught with a big punch.

Paulino-Knock Out

Waylon Lowe Vs Steve Lopez (Lightweight)

Tough fight to call. Two guys who are on their second fights after losing their debuts. Lopez is really tall for a lightweight at 5’11,” and that always makes me think it will end in a triangle choke. Lowe’s a tough wrestler, which is ideal for going up against a tall guy. Also Lopez went to a Christian College, which makes me think he’s a baby. If Lowe can avoid the choke, he’ll win a boring wrestler’s decision.

Lowe-Boring Wrestler’s Decision

Pat “Awesomely Awesome” Audinwood Vs Thaigo Tavares (Lightweight)

Hot Damn It! Great names on this card! To bad he’s going to lose. Tavares is a BJJ guy that trains in Amsterdam, which means he can strike too. He’s going to win against the new guy.


Joey “Mexicutioner” Beltran Vs Matt “Meathead” Mitrione (Heavyweight)

Not really Mitrione’s nickname, but it ought to be. Beltran’s a heavy hitter, and looks good, but Mitrione beat Kimbo pretty soundly, and that guy hits super hard. Mitrione’s a lot bigger than Beltran, and that’s something, and he’s a great athlete. He’s also fighting in his hometown. I like Mitrione. But Beltron’s knocked out guys tougher than him. This is my hardest prediction, but I’m going Meathead.


Joe “El Dirte” Doerksen Vs CB “The Doberman” Dollaway (Middleweight)

Doerksen’s a grinder, and well rounded fighter. Dollaway is a wrestler that has the coolest submission I’ve ever seen. But tonight, he’s going to win a decision. But I hope the production crew show us that Peruvian Necktie a dozen times in the preflight.


Melvin “The Young Assassin” Guillard Vs Jeremy “Lil Heathen” Stephens (Lightweight)

Tough call. Guillard’s a better athlete; Stephens is a harder fighter. Both of these guys are great at not getting hit. I think Guillard will come out hard and get rattled, lose his heart, and Stephens will squeak out a victory. I hate this prediction, because I don’t like anybody who intentionally misspells their nickname. They look like hillbillies.


Evan Dunham Vs Sean “The Muscle Shark” Sherk (Lightweight)

Sherk’s a big strong meathead that pushes harder than anybody. He got owned by Edgar, and lost a lot of face, but know that guys the champ, so maybe Sherk’s not as washed up as I thought. Dunham is undefeated and this is his toughest match to date. Dunham likes to go to the distance. If he does that with Sherk, he’ll lose. Sherk will stay on top of him and win.


Chris “Light’s Out” Lytle Vs Matt “The Terra” Serra (Welterweight)

Lytle is improving. Serra is not. Lytle is one of the gutsiest fighters I’ve ever seen and he’s fighting in his hometown. I like Matt Serra, but I think his best days are behind him.


Ryan “Darth” Bader Vs Antonio Rogerio Noguiera (Light Heavyweight)

Exciting fight! Undefeated Bader taking on Little Nog. This should be fun to see. Bader hit’s like a truck and is an awesome wrestler. Noguiera is a Noguiera, and a better boxer than his big brother. I’m really having a tough time calling this fight. It’s always hard to judge a guy who hasn’t lost yet. I can’t gauge how good he really is. I always think his number’s coming up. I don’t think Bader’s going to be able to put Noguiera down. He hits super hard, but, I think the Noguieras like getting hit in the face. Brazilians faces are made out of Kevlar. Bader might wear himself out and allow for a choke, Noguira has solid BJJ. Then again, Noguiera is vulnerable to good wrestling, and Bader’s certainly strong enough to hold him down. Noguira has good boxing, real slick, but I don’t think he’s got the power to drop Darth.  I’m going to make my most specific and unique prediction. Bader wins by a questionable ref stoppage. He’ll get on top and wail on Little Nog for a while. The ref will have to call it, because Bader’s good at looking like he’s really bringing the thunder down on his opponent, but I think Nog will be able to take it, because I think I could smack the Noguiras in the face with pipe for 15 minutes and they’d still be able to take it. So it’ll be the wrong call, but it won’t be a bad call.

Bader-Questionable Stoppage


Mirko Cro Cop Vs Frank Mir (Heavyweight)

Worst Main Event I’ve seen. You should be pissed off Indianapolis. Mir is going to win. He’s too smart to get kicked in the head, and that’s all Cro Cop could do. He can submit people, but not a guy like Mir. I am interested to see how Mir does it. His takedowns aren’t good, and Cro Cop’s takedown defense is really good, so I don’t know how it’ll get there, but eventually it’ll go to the ground, and Mir will win there. I’m glad Cro Cop is finally fighting somebody worth a shit. I think Dana has a crush on Mirko. I really do. The UFC feeds him chumps all the time. And he knocks them out. I’ve never seen a Top Tier fighter get such a cakewalk of fights. “Let’s let Mirko Cro Cop beat up a Kevin James next PPV.” “Let’s have Cro Cop fight Precious.” It makes me mad. Kudos for stepping in I guess Mirko, you didn’t have to do that. Sorry you’re going to get submitted.


Fight of the night: I’d bet on Lytle

Knock Out of The Night: If Beltran wins, I it bet will look cool, But I’ll guess Paulino. 

Submission of the Night: They’ll give it to Mir, and it’ll be bullshit. they always give it to the Main Event guys when they shouldn’t.


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