The Ultimate Fighter 9-23

Posted: September 24, 2010 in UFC

This season of The Ultimate Fighter looks great. And I’m shocked. I was really expecting this season to be awful.

The coaches are two guys I don’t care for, and the season’s weight class is Lightweights. I was really expecting the worst season of TUF ever this year, and so far, I’m pleasantly disappointed. It’s been great. I’ll tell you why I was nervous, and why I was wrong.

First off, this season’s coaches, Josh Koschek and George St. Pierre have been much more entertaining than I expected. Koschek was on TUF fighter before, as a contestant on the first season. He was one of my least favorite men while on the show. He was a dick and he was boring. He talked a huge game, but would just take people down and stay there. Wait for the bell to tell him he won. It was awful. But then he started actually fighting, and he got good at it, I’m the first to admit he’s progressed into being a really solid fighter.

He doesn’t just win, he’s fun to watch and I applaud that. He’s finally grown into the ego that he had since his debut. He is a cocky fighter, and cocky dude, but seeing him coach and seeing his passion has made me realize he’s not really prick, just kind of a jerk, and that’s fine. He’s good to his dudes, he clearly loves this sport and is super dedicated to it. So way to go, at UFC 124 he’s going to have the opportunity to get the shit kicked out of him by reigning champion and his rival coach, George St. Pierre.

A lot of people Love GSP. I don’t.

Want to know why? He’s been boring, his last 4 fights were great if you wanted to watch something while you were doing the dishes. But if you were looking for a fight, they’ve been super disappointing. He’s been turning out decisions against guys he should have put down hard. Just relying on his cardio to outlast his opponents. He’s been dominant, but dull. Sure, he might be Steven Segal, but I don’t want to watch Steven Segal in  “The Notebook.”

The best part of his last few fights has been watching his corner men. While other corner’s yell at their fighters and curse at them for some action, his are peaceful like Zen Gardeners.

“You’re doing very well George. Just relax George, breath deeply George”

I’m pretty sure I saw one spark up a joint.

It’s cool that that’s his demeanor, that’s fine; but I’d like for him to fight like he wanted to win, not like he was just practicing or looking for a workout. I was really afraid that I’d get bored with his lack of personality on the show. I was wrong. He’s a way funnier and more entertaining dude than I thought. He really loves his sport and is serious about it, but he’s not above talking shit, and messing with people.

Last night he tricked Koschek into picking a guy he didn’t want with a clever little ruse. It wasn’t brilliant, but seeing how much it tickled him made me like him more than I wanted to. I think a lot of his personality is coming through here, and I’m thankful for it. Yeah, he didn’t like the competitor Lentz because of his dyed hair. So he’s kind of a square, but what do you want, the dude’s French Canadian. But he’s growing on me. Still, if he doesn’t put away the overmatched Koschek next fight, I’m going to stand by my statements that he’s a becoming a boring fighter. And I’ll throw away the argument that he’s the best pound-for-pound guy in the world.

The main reason I wasn’t excited about this season was the fighters themselves. They’re Lightweights. Guys that weigh 155 lbs can’t do two things; finish fights or hold their booze.

Lightweight fights aren’t fun. Lightweights don’t have the power to knock guys out, or the mass to keep guys down (every pro-athlete can push 155 lbs off of their chest, even punters.) So matches don’t end. Little guys can bounce around all day, but that’s it.

At least, that’s what I thought. These guys are proving me wrong. In the first show over half of the fights were finishes (8 of 14), that’s more than enough to keep me interested. Sure, only one was a knock out, and one was a TKO, but like I said, they’re little dudes, and they made the most of their skill sets. And put on great fights. Fights don’t have to end the way I want them to, the guys just have to work and I’ll be happy.

Last night’s fight was fun; two dudes with a lot of character scrapping hard. I liked both Bruce LeeRoy and Jeff Lentz. It’s hard not to like Bruce, he’s always smiling and dressed in karate outfits. He looks like a little kid having a good time, I’m for it. And something about Lentz’s hard drinking and smoking is fun for me too. I dig it that he’s a badass that doesn’t take care of himself. I think it’s a mistake, even stupid, but I like it. The same way I like football players with long hair. It’s going to bite them the ass, but hot damn it it looks awesome. Bruce LeeRoy pulled it out, and it was a good fight. It went back and forth, both guys looked like they belong there. Moreover, Bruce finished it. He won. No judges, no stalling. He might have gotten lucky, but he made the guy stop.

So they’re proving me wrong, at least on my first position. I’m still not sure about the booze. This looks like it’s going to be a pretty drama filled season, and I think that tiny guys drinking too much is the cause. I feel like it’s encouraged, and I could do with less of it. Sure, sometimes it’s great TV, when that one welterweight got hammered and said nobody in the house could knock him out with a free punch, and the Light Heavyweight put him to sleep, I laughed my ass off. But, most of the time the free stocked bar the guys have just leads to me having to watch Junie Browning cry for 6 episodes. Typically the guys who are trainwrecks can’t fight for shit anyway (remember that idiot JT Money?) Then again, Chris Lebon’s turning into one of my favorite fighters. And he was the choice douche on the 1st season. So I maybe I’ll be wrong about that too. I hope so, this looks like a good season.

  1. Mariah Curry says:

    D- while i work 2nd shift and don’t get to watch till they do the marathon on spike before the “big” fight i love to watch UFC i like GSP but not as much as I like Anderson Silva he is proly my favorite fighter to watch soo much power in that guy! I hate rich Franklin he came on one of the shows i cant remember wich season, i think maybe the one with Tito and that old loser. but he was supposed to be working with the guys and he just sat there like a dumb ass tellin the guys to take a knee. (loser) anyway I hope u can keep me up to date on whats goin on. enjoyed reading! keep being awesome!

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